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A message from Santa!

Ho ho ho! Hello boys and girls,

I hope you are as excited about Christmas as I am. My helpers and I have been very busy making lots of toys in time for Christmas day. Can you imagine how many toys we have in our Grotto? The helpers have told me how good you’ve all been so I’ve put something special aside, just for you.

You’ve all been so good this year that I am running out of room to store the presents! We have them stored in every nook and cranny of my house. While we have no space at the workshop, I have been searching for a place to store presents and check the good list before Christmas Morning. I went to see what Lapland was like, my usual home away from home, but there was simply no snow there! So, when Chill Factore invited me to stay in their Grotto this December, I couldn’t refuse. They’ve made me feel right at home here and I am surrounded by real snow, just like home!

As a token of my gratitude, it was my pleasure to give all the boys and girls of the North West, a reading of a very special tale. The Snow Hunters!

The Snow Hunters is now one of my favourite festive tales and I would like to thank Mike Garry and all the children who supported this magical tale.

You can listen to this tale in the video below or download it as an ebook.

As soon as I finish writing this, I am going to check my list again. It’s always good to check it twice! Why don’t you bring your whole family to come and see me? I would love to hear what you would like for Christmas in person.

I look forward to meeting you all!

Merry Christmas from Santa & the helpers.

About the book –

The North West Christmas Tale – titled ‘The Snow Hunters’ - has been officially revealed for the first time via an exclusive reading by Santa Claus on the opening night of his Manchester Grotto at Chill Factore.

Highly acclaimed author and poet, Mike Garry, was commissioned by Chill Factore, home to the UK’s only Santa’s Grotto on real snow, to write the exclusive Christmas story.

Schools across Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Merseyside were encouraged to get involved and five schools were chosen to host a special creative storytelling workshop run by renowned charity Grimm & Co, during which ideas came to life on what the children believe makes Christmas magical, special traditions and how Christmas makes them feel.

The short story brings to life the magic, memories and traditions that make Christmas so special to children in the North West thanks to participating schools including St Catherine’s Primary in Wigan, Shoreside Primary School in Southport, Cherry Tree Primary School in Lymm near Warrington, Garston C of E Primary School and St Gabriel’s C of E Primary School in Liverpool.

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