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Following the success and curiosity around team-building activities at Chill Factore, the Manchester Victoria and Albert Hotel approached the corporate team and enquired about visiting the real snow venue.

 “We had new team members and wanted them all to get to know each other a better,” says Pamela Reckett, Director of Sales at Manchester Victoria and Albert Hotel. “We wanted to build up a good team rapport but have fun at the same time.”

Chill Factore intrigued her as she had previously been here for one of our monthly Familiarisation Trips and, “thought it looked great fun and was something a bit different.”


The activity they chose to do along with the guidance of the corporate team here who knew the reasons for their visit were the Snow Park. “We did all the activities, luge, sledging and donuts”

“The highlight for everyone was definitely the sledging; we liked that one the most and spent the most of our time doing this.”


During the day “we learned quite a bit about each other, especially who was the most adventurous and that it is nice to have some down time out of the office with each other, to get to know each other better.”

We asked Pamela if she would recommend Chill Factore as a place for bringing together groups of people and creating teams, her response was positive. “Yes it was lots of fun from the usual team building that we have done in the past.”


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Chill Factore, Trafford Quays Leisure Village, Trafford City, Manchester M41 7JA