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Sledge Build Challenge


There's no challenge like a flat pack challenge! 


£30pp this November (normally £45pp)


Splitting your team up into two - we will get them working against each other to see who can conquer and build the "Flat Pack Sledge"!


Each sledge pack comes equipped with very basic instructions, to ensure each team works together to build the strongest sledge. As this will then be raced down the slope, so it needs to be sturdy! 


Once the teams have cooled off, stopped laughing and put their competitiveness aside - you'll have an hour of fun in our Snow Park! Enjoy laughing the madness as you spin down the slope in the Downhill Donuts. Or cheering as you go careering down the Luge Slip 'n' slide! Our Snow Park is an adventure for all! Lose yourself in the fun.




Sledge Build Challenge £30pp
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Standard Chill Factore Group Terms and Conditions apply. This offer does not include The Summit Challenge.