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Discover the Fun outside the classroom! 

Supplement your visit to the Snow Park or Mini Moose Land with one of our two new Self-Discovery Boxes for the introductory rate of just £10 per visit.

This is a self-guided resource to use on the snow to further explore National Curriculum topics. There will also be tasks and challenges in the box to complete once back in the classroom to keep your Polar Regions learning experience extending beyond just your day here at Chill Factore.

KS1 Polar Regions Discovery Box
In this box you will find a step by step guide to help your group explore the polar regions. Learn about arctic habitats, polar animals, snow survival and the history of the Inuit tribe. 

KS2 Forces in Action Discovery Box
In this box you will find stopwatches, measuring wheels and calculators to record your movements on the snow. You will explore speed, velocity, acceleration, mass and friction


Chill Factore Discovery Boxes

KS1 Discovery Box
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In this box you will find a step by step guide to follow and resources for your group to explore: Arctic habitat and climate. Polar animals and food chains. Survival in the snow. The history of the Inuit tribe.

KS2 Discovery Box
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Whilst on the snow you will: Test out our 3 sledge designs and record your own speed by measuring the distance and time. Analyse the impact of mass and friction on movement through rolling different size balls down our beginner’s slope



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