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The ALL NEW Mini Moose Land!

The ALL NEW Mini Moose Land!

Have you heard the news?

Mini Moose Land is under construction and we need your help! 

Come and visit the BRAND NEW Mini Moose Land and have fun on the newest addition to the town… "Snow Engineers"! We need help digging and shovelling snow, we also wouldn't mind if any one fancied building any type of snow feature that comes to mind! Anything to help the builders! The new diggers are great fun and we have plenty of snow to push, dig and build with.

 Snow Engineers

The "Snow Engineers" have worked backed up because they were busy uncovering the very secret "secret garden"! Whilst constructing the brand new arctic maze and tunnels they found the secret garden - filled with Unicorns, slides and plenty of other animal’s that everyone loves to make friends with!... If you’re lucky Bobby the seal might let you have a little ride on him! 

Mini Moose Land

They also helped Mini Moose to build THREE brand new houses! The cottages are the perfect place to chill out and relax after exploring, working and having fun in the snow! 

Mini Moose Land

The Snow Engineers decided to keep the mini downhill donuts, because they had so much fun sledging hill on the inflatable donut rings and sledges!

Mini Moose Land is the perfect playground for little ones under four years, all we ask is that children must be walking to play in Mini Moose Land. Babes in arms can of course be carried in free of charge, but please remember to wrap them up warm and snug with hats and mittens and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

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8/9/2016 5:09:00 PM

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