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What would skiing be without après?

What would skiing be without après?

This experience takes just as much skill to perfect as the sport itself… almost.


To ensure all of our guest are as prepped as they can be before jetting off on holiday, we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips and techniques in the art of après.

Here at Chill Factore, guests can learn the basics of learning to ski including linking turns, snow plough and controlling their speed in just six hours, as part of its Guarantee to Ski course, which is perfect for those who have never been on a ski holiday before. But, in order to equip the learners with every piste of information needed for their trip, you'll need to know some of these top tips on how to tackle après in style.  

The tips have been pulled together by our team of expert instructors, who have decades of skiing experience between them, to show that they truly leave no ski unturned when it comes to giving guests the best experience. 

“Over half of the adults we teach ask us for après advice, from our favourite ski resorts to tips to remember where you’ve left your skis, our guests want to know as much about après as they do about skiing. Yes skiing’s a sport, but it’s also a holiday with friends or family so, as instructors, we love to share genuine advice with guests to make sure they have the best time.” - Callum MacKenzie, Chill Factore instructor


Chill Factore’s top five après tips:


1)   How to avoid helmet hair on the slopes

There’s no reason why safety on the slopes should jeopardise style. Ensure helmet hair is a thing of the past with these tips and tricks.


If you’ve got long hair, try French braids. These neat plaits will ensure your hair is snug and tight underneath your helmet, ready to be revealed when you arrive at après. Why not apply a little bit of hairspray to set the style in the morning – guaranteeing the snow must go on.

How to avoid helmet hair on the slopes

If braids aren’t your thing, don’t fear! Pack your favourite, on-trend bobble hat ready to throw on when you arrive at the bar or deckchair. Trés chic!


2)   How to be the ultimate dancing queen in ski boots

Buckle up! Ski boots are renowned for their rigid fit, so throwing shapes in them is trickier than you imagine, but not impossible. Keep them tightly fastened at all times to ensure your foot doesn’t slip out as you climb on the table and dance like there’s snow tomorrow.

 Becoming the ultimate dancing queen in ski boots

Save yourself from any nasty slips by planting your feet firmly on the floor (or whatever surface you choose to dance on), bending your knees, and focusing your energy on upper body movements AKA. waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care.


3)   Slowly but surely wins the après race

      After a full day skiing or snowboarding you’ll be more dehydrated than you realise. So, to ensure you don’t peak too early, kick off après with a large water and then alternate your alcoholic drinks with soft ones. No one wants to be the mate that goes home early.

 Stay hydrated during apres

4)   Lay it on thick

Layers are a necessity when you’re out for 12 hours a day in sub-zero climates. Make sure you wrap up, but you’re able to whip it off when the dancing begins, and your temperature rises. A turtleneck, thick socks and a thermal t-shirt are perfect to wear under your salopettes and ski jacket, but make sure you wear an attractive base layer in case you get really warm. Don’t forget, it may be cold but sunnies are a must as you don’t want to party in your ski goggles.


5)   Know your route home

It can be easy to get carried away at après. Before you know it you could be mistaking one pile of snow for another and every pair of skis could look the same, so take the time to look at your surroundings. Make some notes in your phone or even take a photo on your phone of exactly where you’ve left your skis and poles – simple. Google Maps is hard to follow when everywhere looks like one big giant snowball.


Learning to ski and snowboard takes time and practice, but one of the best things about ski holidays is socialising with friends and family after a hectic day on the slopes. 

2/28/2020 5:04:16 PM

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