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Couple Get Engaged at Chill Factore to Become Snowboarding Buddies for Life

Couple Get Engaged at Chill Factore to Become Snowboarding Buddies for Life

Chill Factore research finds nearly two thirds of people ski or snowboard with their other half and reveal a pair whose relationship reached a new peak!

If your relationship is heading off-piste this Valentine’s Day, hit the slopes to get back on track. As February 14th approaches, the North’s premier visitor attraction, Chill Factore, are revealing skiing and snowboarding could be the new way to reignite the flame in your relationship.

Christina Coutts (38), from Northern Ireland and Mat Shannon (37), from Sheffield met in June 2015. After dating for over a year and discovering their shared passion for snowboarding, they melted each other’s hearts. The pairs visit to Chill Factore at the end of 2016 was certainly an unforgettable experience for both of them as they shared a romantic moment at the top of the slope.

As Mat was warming up his ski legs at the indoor real snow slope, he was also plucking up the courage to ask Christina to spend the rest of their lives together. As Christina set off on her third run of the day, she turned to see that Mat was down on one knee.

Reflecting on the magical moment, Christina said: “We’d talked about getting engaged, but I always thought that it would happen in the usual setting like over dinner or something. I was completely taken back when Mat revealed the ring on the snow and asked me to be his snowboard buddy for life!

“It was the perfect proposal because we were doing something that we both love. I can remember the excitement and how happy I felt, although I must admit that I can’t remember much of the little speech that Mat had prepared because I was so surprised and overwhelmed at the time! One of the best moments of my life happened on the slope and I can’t wait to share more special moments on our snowboarding adventures.”

Mat and Christina aren’t the only lovebirds to meet on the slopes. Chill Factore questioned over 1,000 UK skiers and snowboarders* and found that nearly two thirds (55%) of people ski/snowboard with their other half, and 56% of people do so up to 9 times a year!

Mat is an avid snowboarder of over 10 years and Christina herself had learnt to snowboard at Chill Factore. Their love for the outdoors and an active lifestyle created great attraction between the couple and with this, the pair started snowboarding at Chill Factore and have since regularly visited the 180-metre slope at Chill Factore to brush up on their skills. The couple went on their first snowboarding holiday in March 2016 and find Chill Factore particularly useful to prepare for their snowboarding holidays.

The couple have explored various resorts across Europe including; Scotland, Bulgaria and Poland which have proven to be an ideal setting for a romantic getaway, with their most recent trip to Poland for New Year being described as magical and picturesque. Mat and Christina are adamant to continue exploring together and have big plans for future trips to resorts in Canada and North America.

With mesmerising views across the alps and breath-taking landscapes, it’s no secret that the majority of ski resorts are home to some of the most romantic backdrops in Europe during the snow season.

Mat and Christina’s relationship has gone from strength-to-strength thanks to their shared interest. Christina added: “Snowboarding at Chill Factore and going on snowboard trips has made me fall in love with Mat even more. He has always been patient, kind and really supportive and if it hadn’t been for him then I wouldn’t have enjoyed learning so much, and maybe I wouldn’t have got to the snowboarding level I’m at now.”

Chill Factore research has also revealed almost half (44%) of people confessed that that they believed skiing strengthened their relationship. Furthermore, over a fifth (22%) of couples admitted meeting their respective other half on their winter getaway, with a further tenth (12%) enjoying their first kiss on the slopes.

Mat and Christina enjoy other activities such as mountain biking, hiking, climbing, surfing and kayaking. Since the romantic moment at Chill Factore, the couple have plans to get married later this year.

To help couples rekindle their love this Valentine’s Day, Chill Factore are offering the first 50 couples who enjoy a ski/snowboarding date on Tuesday 14th February a free chocolate treat. Couples will also be able to enjoy love songs on the slope **. To make a booking click here

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