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Everyone can ski: Chill Factore discusses why ‘off piste’ is not all bad

Everyone can ski: Chill Factore discusses why ‘off piste’ is not all bad

We understand that skiing can seem like a fairly specialised sport - there’s the fancy equipment, the holidays, the dramatic display of snow sprayed upwards as an experienced skier whizzes through it. It all looks a little intimidating, maybe even something that can only be mastered if the potential skier begins at a very young age. Right?

WRONG. Here at Chill Factore, every age-group and skill-set is welcome. We offer specialised beginner ski packages, along with developer lessons and sessions designed to brush up on skills that might just be a little rusty. Researching where to ski for beginners might seem like a minefield at first, but we are on-hand to show you that all is not as daunting as it looks. Read on to find out more about our beginner family ski sessions, and why veering off piste from your usual summer activities could be the start of a favourite new hobby.

Skiing for beginners - where to start?

Let’s leave the giant slopes for a second and go off piste - we’ve got time to build up to that. Our Taster Ski Lessons give you the chance to ask any burning questions you have always had about skiing, and focus on how to use the equipment you need correctly, along with mastering the perfect posture. Adults and children are welcome to ski together in this session, meaning that beginner family ski time is only seconds away. Absolutely everybody can ski, and there is nothing we love more than seeing families learning and growing together.

Our Beginner Lessons are great for building confidence and introducing you to the absolute basics of skiing - simple yet essential. This beginner ski package even includes how to put on skis for the first time, which can be easier said than done! But thanks to our highly experienced instructors and coaches, your very first trip down the Beginner Slope will be as smooth as you like. We know, it’s exciting!

Beginner ski package for children

Even the littlest potential skiers have lessons catered for them here. Kids from three years are invited to start their own exciting skiing adventure in our Kids Snow School. With so much fun to be had on these specialist courses, we guarantee you will see your child blossoming into a competent skier in no time at all.

Kids not quite ready to hit the slopes? One pass does all at the Snow Park, which means you and the kids could be hitting the Snow Luge one minute and flying down the slope in a Downhill Donut the next. Skiing for beginners has never been easier!

Mini Moose Land could be just the place for younger adventurers. Filled with real snow, they can get to grips with the different textures and temperatures of this new environment and find their ‘snow feet’ before eventually embarking on the Ski Penguins and Ski Mini Mooses courses. This snow experience will kick-start your child’s skills and allow them to proceed to the bigger slopes and more challenging lessons in their own time.

And of course, once everyone has their snow legs in order, it’s time to book that family holiday and out your new skills into action. Who said off-piste was bad?

If you would like more information on our beginner ski packages, give us a call on 0161 749 2222 or email us at

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