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Facing Fears and Learning To Ski at Chill Factore

At Chill Factore we're lucky enough to have many guests visit us and write about their experience. 

An anonymous "30-something northern girl" did just that and here's her story 

Facing Fears and Learning To Ski With Chill Factore

Somewhere lurking on my bucket list lies a skiing holiday. If only I could ski! If only the thought of learning didn't terrify me!

With my bucket list in mind and the mantra ‘If It Doesn't Challenge You, It Doesn't Change You’ I seized the day and headed to the Chill Factore.

One Beginners Day Lesson and one Level Three Refresher later, I am proud to announce that I can, and I quote “ski fluidly.”

Although a six hour day lesson might sound lengthy, it’s a brilliant way to begin. It’s frustrating at times when you’re a skiing novice, so dedicating this time is an ideal way to push through your fears and really cover some ground…literally.

The refresher lesson lasts for just under 2 hours. It begins with a warm up on the learner slope, polishing up on snow plough turns, and touching on parallel skiing before heading over to the main slope (a third of the way up).

I had so many anxieties about learning to ski, literally shaking before my first lesson. My confidence has improved so much. As I let go of the fear (gradually), and with the help of instructors, things started to click. I don’t usually say this but, I was ‘buzzing’ by the end of my second lesson.

I’m keen to get practicing and of course get that skiing holiday booked in. In the meantime, the top of the main slope is calling. If I can do it, trust me, so can you.

5/5/2016 1:47:23 PM

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