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Fancy a holiday in the Alps? How our learn to ski programme could get you started!

Fancy a holiday in the Alps? How our learn to ski programme could get you started!

Ever fancied a ski holiday but you’re never learnt to ski? Or, perhaps a member of your family loves to ski but you think you’d hold them back if you went along? Or maybe you love the idea of après ski but want a little taste of the slopes before you try the lifestyle?

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn to ski, don’t let your lack of experience stop you; with our ‘Guarantee to Ski’ programme, we’ll take you through skiing for the first time in a learning environment where you feel comfortable and we guarantee to have you skiing before your holiday… all for a flat fee. Find out more below…

Is it better to learn to ski before you go on holiday?

We think so – or at least, it would be nicer for you if have a grasp of the basics, that way you can keep up with your friends and family. You’re also more likely to enjoy your time on the slopes. The general consensus is that most people who have spent time learning to ski before they go on holiday are more comfortable and the risk of injury is much lower. This will give you peace of mind and will allow you enjoy your holiday away from the beginners’ slopes. Even just a few hours of tutoring before skiing for the first time on real snow can make a huge difference to both your ability and your confidence.

How does the learn to ski programme work?

Chill Factore offers a beginner course where we guarantee to have you skiing by the end of 6 hours of tuition – and if you don’t reach our level 3 standard by then, we will provide you with free tuition until you do. We want people’s experience of skiing for the first time to be positive and for you to leave with a level of confidence that you can take to the slopes. We won’t send you away until you have learned to ski for your holiday.

How well will I be able to ski?

We will ensure that you are able to ski or snowboard on the beginner slope with confidence before moving you onto the lower main slope to learn how to use the button lift.

What type of lesson is right for you?

It may depend on your fitness level, your availability and how long you have available to learn to ski for your holiday, so we have three options:

Day lesson: If wish to learn to ski as quickly as possible, this will be the option for you. However be aware that it is an intensive session of 8 hours including breaks, so you will need to have a good level of stamina and core strength. This course is recommended for families with older children* or adults and is ideal if you want to cover the basics of skiing for the first time in one session.

*Children must be over the age of 10 to participate in this lesson.

2 day course: This option is ideal for families, as children are able to retain information better in shorter periods across two days. You will be given two four hour lessons across two consecutive days with a break for refreshments and downtime.

3 day course: If you can’t dedicate full or half days to learning to ski, better to split it across a time period that suits you but make sure you get that experience in before your winter break. On our three week course, each lesson is 1 hour 50 long and is held at the same time, on the same day across three consecutive weeks.

So, if you’re thinking about skiing for the first time, don’t wait until you go abroad. Learn to ski or snowboard closer to home so that you’re comfortable and confident before you arrive at your destination.


1/27/2020 11:27:55 AM

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