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FAQ - What happens to my booking?

Owing to the Coronavirus global pandemic, we’ve had to make some difficult decisions based on the information laid out by the government. As a result, Chill Factore temporarily suspended all of our operations until further notice.  But what does that mean for you and your booking with us?



What happens to my booking?

If you have a booking before the 31st August 2020, our teams should have already contacted you and either transferred your booking onto gift vouchers or issued you with a refund (if you requested this before Friday 27th March). If you have not been contacted by our team, either by telephone or email, please contact


When will you reopen ?

We are currently unable to confirm a reopening date, but we continue to follow government guidance and hope to reopen soon. We will post details of our reopening plans online & on our social media channels as soon as we can.


I am a Chill Factore member. What happens to my membership?

We have been working with our IT providers on a solution whereby your membership will automatically be extended by the length of time that we remain closed. This will be done automatically once we re-open. Our members are part of our families and we can’t wait to welcome you back as soon as we can.


I’d prefer to receive a refund rather than be issued with gift vouchers. Is this ok?

We automatically moved all affected bookings onto gift vouchers as this was the fastest way for us to process thousands of bookings. If you would have preferred to receive a refund, we asked that you contacted our team before 5pm on Friday 27th March for us to process a refund instead.


I purchased a voucher through Groupon/Wowcher, how do I get a refund?

If you have purchased one of these vouchers, unfortunately we cannot assist you with getting these cancelled. You will need to contact Groupon or Wowcher directly through either your app or by logging onto their websites.


I have an Unlimited Lift Pass. What happens to my booking?

Exactly like Memberships, Annual Unlimited Lift Passes will also automatically be extended by the amount of time we are closed once we re-open.

If you are a Weekly Unlimited Lift Pass holder who was unable to use the pass for the full week due to our closure, you'll be refunded for the time you couldn't use this.

For March Monthly Lift Pass holders, you will be refunded for the amount of time that you couldn't use your pass and anyone who purchased an April Monthly Unlimited Lift Pass will be refunded in full.


I was booked onto a course of lessons and hadn’t completed the full course when Chill Factore closed. Do I get a partial refund on my booking?

Yes, you will be refunded for the lesson(s) that could not be facilitated due to our closure.

I have vouchers that expire soon. Do these get extended? 

Yes, when we reopen all vouchers that have an expiry date from Saturday 21st March 2020 onwards will be automatically extended to 31st August 2021, allowing you plenty of time to redeem them.

3/24/2020 1:18:22 PM

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