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Fresh Snow this Winter

Fresh Snow this Winter

Brand new snow for the fantastic activities!

Moving our way into peak season, we know more than anyone that snow quality is crucial. So we are laying even more fresh snow out on the slopes for you to play with. From the bottom of the beginner slope to the peak of the main slope the whole place will snowed in!

So, don’t wait about! More brand new snow and more upcoming activities await you! Get booked in online and start making the most of Manchester’s very own powder day!

Whether it’s a snow angel, a snowboarding bail or a perfectly timed 180 on a brand new set of skis, be sure to take notice next time you book a lift pass or go on a lesson, the real freshness of the new snow under your skis or snowboard. And if you haven’t already had the pleasure of experiencing the change, then click below to see all of our latest offers at Chill Factore.

Click here to see all of our Latest Offers here at Chill Factore

11/16/2016 12:27:35 PM

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