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Get Fitter with Fit 30!

Get Fitter with Fit 30!


In the week that Sport England revealed nearly 30% of Brits do less than 30 minutes of exercise per week, the UK’s biggest snow attraction has pledged to get people fit for 30% less.

The Chill Factore Fit 30 offer includes a Ski or Snowboard Taster Lesson for 30% off the usual price, at the huge venue in Manchester.

Sarah Atkins, Sales & Marketing Director at Chill Factore – the UK’s longest real snow slope - said: “We've launched Fit 30 because we’re confident that people will not only have a lot of fun in the snow, but more importantly, we’ll be encouraging people to get fit and exercise more regularly through the unique snow experience.

“Training in sub-zero temperatures and on real snow is also proven to be three times more effective in improving fitness quickly, compared to exercising in average room temperatures, because the body has to work that much harder in colder environments.

“Chill Factore really is the perfect venue for training and exercise, and being active in the snow is also scientifically proven to be far more fun for children, than, say, playing video games.”

Chill Factore conducted a study* among schoolchildren earlier this year, which confirmed that doing hard and testing exercise generated more actual fun among kids than when they were sat glued to a video games console.

The average value of fun for the children playing video games (measured on the Likert Scale, used by academics to measure fun) was 4.0. However, when the same children played in the snow they recorded an average score of 4.2.

Nine out of 10 of the kids who took part in the study also said they wanted to play more real games in future and actually preferred it to playing video games.

Chill Factore’s special Fit 30 deal costs £17.50 for children and £21 for adults per session, book a taster session using the book now window to your right or here now

5/20/2016 9:45:01 AM

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