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Is it important to treat the office at Christmas?

Is it important to treat the office at Christmas?

Eager anticipated by most, it’s the time of year where workplaces across the country are getting ready to book this year’s Christmas social. Widely regarded as one of the biggest social events in the calendar, Christmas socials, away days and parties are considered to be a necessity for workplaces to put on.

But just how important are they? Letting off some steam at the end of year is said to be vital for boosting morale but a bad one can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

So, can businesses justify the expense for an elaborate end-of-year affair?


We think so and here’s why!


It’s a thank you for a job well done.

Nothing says ‘thank you for all your hard work throughout the year’ like throwing a Christmas social or party. It’s a fantastic way for management to show staff that they are a valued part of a company and their work over the year has been appreciated. This is vital for boosting morale as staff feel their hard work has been recognised.

Recognition and reward are vital for enhancing productivity.

It is important that companies strive to try and enhance their overall productivity and through rewarding staff they can do just that. Rewarding staff at the end of the year is said to help keep staff focused and positive as it is a way of making them feel special. This is something that is very important for companies who are looking to build a positive workplace culture.

It strengthens team dynamics.

Christmas away days and socials are great for uniting your workforce at the end of the year. By incorporating fun into your event such as team building activities or icebreakers allows people to get to know one another outside an office environment. It is also a great way of encouraging both management and staff to mingle and discover new things about each other.

You don’t look like a Scrooge!

By not rewarding your staff at Christmas you send your staff a negative message, leaving them to potentially feel unappreciated. When considering the pros and cons of a Christmas away day, the pros definitely overrule the negatives. It can also make you look like a Scrooge if you do not plan anything.  

It’s a break!

Above all, it’s a break away from the desk and an opportunity for everyone to HAVE FUN!


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10/8/2018 4:54:20 PM

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