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How to make our ski pass deals your best investment this year

How to make our ski pass deals your best investment this year

If you’re a keen skier or snowboarder and you haven’t hit the slopes for a while, why not invest in a ski Lift Pass at our North West real snow centre? It’s the perfect way to boost your skills in 2020. We know how it is, you want more time on the snow, but you just never seem to get around to it. The beauty of a ski Lift Pass at Chill Factore is that you have total control over your time. Find out more about our ski Lift Pass deals in Manchester and how you could benefit!

Our ski Lift Pass deals and how you can benefit

At Chill Factore, we’re home to the longest real snow slope in the UK. If you’re a keen skier or snowboarder, then it’s the perfect environment to practice your skills and spend some time doing what you love. Better yet, you can be completely in control of your time.

Choose a lift pass to suit your schedule:

  • 1-hour Lift Passes
  • 2-hour Lift Passes
  • 4-hour Lift Passes
  • Unlimited Monthly and Weekly Lift Passes

Depending on how much free time you have to spend on the slope, you can book hourly slots or upgrade to an unlimited version. Whether you have an hour to spare after work, want to get a few hours in at the weekend, or you want to maximise your time with unlimited access, we have the right lift pass deal to suit you.

How to use your Lift Pass at Chill Factore, Manchester

You can book your Lift Pass in our Manchester real snow centre, either through our online booking system or at the front desk. You’ll be given a card to swipe on the way in, which is valid for as long as your booked slot. If you have your own gear, you’re welcome to bring it along. Otherwise, you can hire suitable ski wear clothing onsite. And, of course, your skis, poles or board are all included in the price of your Lift Pass.

Our ski Lift Pass tickets here in the North West give you an opportunity to enjoy the slopes in your free time. But there’s plenty more to experience with your ticket too. We organise open ski and snowboarding events, race training sessions and ladies only mornings. You can enjoy all of these by booking a special events Lift Pass on our website.

You can also join our breakfast club on a Wednesday morning from 7:30-9:30. Get an early slot and hit the slopes before your day starts and enjoy a hot drink and breakfast roll afterwards.

Why shop for ski Lift Pass deals in Manchester?

Shopping for ski Lift Pass deals in Manchester means you get the best price and the best deals at any one time. We have some great offers available all year round. Want to hit the slopes at night? You can enjoy a 2-hour slot for just £20. Thinking about becoming a member? Well, if you do, you’ll get 30% off all lift passes!

Looking around for the right deal allows you to maximise your slope time without stretching your wallet. Which means, if you were planning to boost your skills and get back to the slopes in 2020, a ski Lift Pass ticket at Chill Factore might just be the best investment you ever make.

Want to know more about our lift pass offers? Visit the offers page and book your passes today.

3/3/2020 12:08:27 PM

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