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New Snow!

New Snow!

We’re sure you have already heard that snow’s been falling in Manchester over the past few weeks... That’s right, snow’s fallen and it’s landed right inside Chill Factore! We’ve been working hard to make sure that the snow quality on the slopes is the best it can be and we’ve had nothing but amazing feedback since! Sponsored Rider, Fynnlay Loupis, told us "The new snow at Chill Factore is ace!” and Lydia on Facebook left us a review saying "...Good quality snow, not overcrowded and most of all GREAT FUN!” 

So, what are the benefits for you with the new snow?

When skiing or snowboarding the snow should react to the pressure of the rider and compress in a way which helps the edge slide through the snow. After a full year of churning, free styling and grooming, this becomes harder to do so. Eventually, the snow can become very difficult to ride along, meaning your snowplough could become a snow-stop. That’s the main reason why we replace the snow, to refill that authentic feel of the snow, and give you that real sensation of being on a mountain, rather than a cold paper recycling factory. If you have been before then you will notice the difference right away, and for those who haven’t – well it’s a thing of beauty we can assure you.

Throughout the year, we make sure the snow is groomed every day and night, so when you get here early hours of the morning, we are just as rearing to go as you are. However, all this hard work we put into the snow can leave it feeling gritty towards the end of the year – which for your snow sports experience can make it difficult. So, this is where the annual snow scrape comes into play.

So what are you waiting for? Brand new snow and more upcoming activities await you! Get booked in online and start making the most of Manchester’s very own powder day! After all, every new batch of snow needs a few snow angles and slaloms to break it in a bit.

Whether it’s a snow angel, a snowboarding bail or a perfectly timed 180 on a brand new set of skis, be sure to take notice next time you book a lift pass or go on a lesson, the real freshness of the new snow under your skis or snowboard. And if you haven’t already had the pleasure of experiencing the change, then click below to see all of our latest offers at Chill Factore.

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Also, this week be sure to check our all of our regular events including; Ladies only Coaching on Monday 26th, 50+ Morning on Tuesday 27th and our very own Breakfast Club on Wednesday 28th.

9/21/2016 11:49:28 AM

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