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Learn something new this Lent | Learning to Ski

Learn something new this Lent | Learning to Ski

With Ash Wednesday upon us, Lent starting and Easter around the corner it is traditional for millions of people to give up luxuries for Lent such as sweets, alcohol and other such vices. But here at Chill Factorᵉ, we want to take the opportunity to flip this on its head.

Ultimately Lent is centred around self-discipline for many people, but instead of giving something up, we challenge you to learn something new during Lent instead.

With a variety of ski and snowboard lessons or courses on offer, it couldn’t be easier to pick up a new skill during Lent.  But can you learn before the end of Lent on 18th April? Of course you can! No matter your schedule, learning style or ability level, one of our expert instructors will help you become a snow slope superstar in no time.

Lent officially starts on 6th March, which means you have 6 weeks to learn the basics, develop your skills and be ready for the main slope. We think we can do it in just 6 hours of lessons, so 6 weeks should be a breeze!


Week 1 of Lent: Choose your discipline

First things first, choosing your discipline. If you’re not sure whether to go for skiing or snowboarding then a 50-minute Fun Taster Lesson will give you a perfect introduction to either discipline – or both if you want to cover all bases! You’ll be able to learn the basics such as skating or scooting on the flat, side stepping and how to properly develop your balance. Plus, tasters start from only £27 so you’ve not invested too time or money if it turns out you picked the wrong one.



Week 2 – Week 4 of Lent: Tackle the beginner levels.

If you’ve already taken your first steps onto the snow with a Taster Lesson then signing up for Beginner Lessons is the next step for you. This is your opportunity to learn everything from the ground up. From balance and posture, to controlling speed and linking turns (or controlling your toe edge for aspiring snowboarders), these lessons will get you geared up and raring to hit the lower main slope in style.

The best thing about these lessons is you can choose how to learn. You can learn all in one day with a Beginner Day Lesson or spread your lessons over 2 consecutive days or even 3 weeks.



Week 5 – Week 6 of Lent: Progress to the top of the main slope.

You started from the bottom in week one but now it’s time to progress up to the top of the main slope with an Improver Lesson or Course. Similar to the beginner lessons, you can learn at a pace that suits your needs and lifestyle. During your Improver Lesson you will learn how to perfect your technique, develop turns and take on the entire slope with confidence.   


And there you have it, a super easy way to take up and master a new skill this Lent. If you’ve got the bug for more slope action once you’ve completed your Beginner and Improver Lessons, then don’t forget to check out our selection of Lift Passes.




Click here for more information on our Ski and Snowboard Fun Taster Sessions.

Our Beginner Lessons and Courses are currently £99 until the end of May!

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