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Santa Claus Calls – Blog 2: Giving the gift of togetherness!

Santa Claus Calls – Blog 2: Giving the gift of togetherness!

With Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves locked down in the North Pole until sleigh travel is safe once more, Chill Factore has organised some very special Santa Claus Calls to the man himself so no little or boys or girls will go without their Santa’s Grotto experience this year.

As we count down to Christmas, Santa will be giving us regular Yule Blogs to share his preparations. In his second exclusive blog for Chill Factore, Santa explains how a virtual visit to his grotto can bring the whole family together this Christmas…

Oh-ho-ho, hello there! It’s Santa here again. You may remember from my previous blog that I’ve just recently gotten to grips with video calling. Since I wrote that blog, I was struck by the thought that I, my family and my extended family of elves are extremely lucky. Why? Well, because we all live in the same North Pole village, which means we can see each other whenever we like – socially distanced, of course!

But Santa, how have you all managed in lockdown?’ I hear you ask! That’s a very good question my friend, I’m glad you asked. Well, things have had to change slightly at the toy workshop. As key workers, we’ve all been able to carry on working throughout the year, as usual. But with hand sanitiser on every toymaking station, each spaced two metres apart of course, and masks for everyone who works indoors.

My beard will never be the same!

But a bumpy beard is a small price to pay. Because, as I was saying at the beginning of this post, Mrs Claus and I are very lucky to be able to see our grown-up children, grown-up grandchildren, grown-up great-great-grandchildren (you get the point, we’re nearly 2,000 years old!) regularly. From a safe distance, I might add! But I know not all of you good folk beyond the Arctic Circle live in the same village as your loved ones.

Which is why my Santa Claus Calls, with the kind help of Chill Factore’s elves, are such a delight for me to be involved in. Because even if myself, your granny, grandad, aunties, uncles and cousins can’t be with you in person, we can all get together virtually on our screens. Bringing your family together, even if just for a few short but magical moments, might just be the best present I can give you this Christmas!

I can’t wait to see you soon.

Season’s greetings!

Santa Claus

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12/7/2020 2:14:47 PM

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