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Why ski lessons at Chill Factorᵉ are the new designer bag

Why ski lessons at Chill Factorᵉ are the new designer bag

You might have already started thinking about what the love of your life wants under the tree this year, and maybe you’re bored of the same old options. Well, forget about the Michael Kors bag hints. Something that definitely won’t be a short-term fad (and will look even more impressive on Instagram) are ski lessons from Chill Factorᵉ !

Why ski lessons are the perfect surprise this Christmas

We know the feeling…Christmas dinner has been defeated and you have a cheeky peak at your Instagram feed to check out your friends’ festive shenanigans. Not much of a surprise, your feed is bombarded with Michael Kors, Ted Baker, #boydonegood – the lot.

But if you have an adrenaline junkie of a partner, why not think outside the box this Christmas? Book a course of ski lessons at Chill Factorᵉ and you'll definitely throw a curveball into the #soblessed posts this festive season.

Why ski lessons make the perfect present

Has your other half always wanted to give skiing a go? Maybe you both love gifts that involve an experience, or you both like the idea of trying something a little different? These are all perfect reasons to treat that special someone in your life to some exhilarating ski lessons this Christmas. Book a couples’ session and see the New Year in with an exciting new hobby. Plus date nights are sorted from here on in.

Top three reasons why ski lessons are the new designer handbag

  1. The gift that keeps on giving - date nights sorted for 2020
  2. The build up to a romantic break on the piste
  3. Real snow all year round - what could be more Instagrammable?

1. The gift that keeps on giving

Buying a present for your partner can go one of two ways: following their hints to a tee (boring), or surprising them with something outside of the list (dangerous). But surely with risk, comes excitement? And a memorable gift that will set the bar from now on.

From just £99, this is a truly meaningful gift that will last the distance. Ski lessons are a skill for life, after all - and you never know where it might lead.

2. Ski holiday on the cards?

Doesn’t everyone dream of giving a skiing holiday a go? Well, this Christmas present could definitely lead to bigger and better things. With our beginner ski lessons, your partner (and you!) can gain confidence with the basics and then hit the big slopes, button lift and even the mountains.

You never know, introducing your partner to a new sport could lead to booking a skiing holiday in the not-too-distant future!

3. Real snow all year round - an Instagrammer’s dream

Skiing down real snow with your other half in tow is the perfect Instagram post. And besides, booking a beginner ski package deal at Chill Factorᵉ will probably be the only bit of the white stuff you’ll see all winter.

Beginner ski package at Chill Factorᵉ this Christmas

Is your partner’s Christmas present sorted yet? If you’re struggling, why not give a gift that will certainly be a surprise this Christmas! As something a little different, they’ll learn how to ski at the biggest and best indoor ski slope in the UK, right here in Manchester!

Whether it’s a one-to-one ski lesson you’re after or a group lesson, our range of beginner ski package deals are a perfect way to encourage your other half onto the slope for a present they’ll always remember.

So don’t be a #boydonegood for just one day. Start a new trend and with a beginner ski package at Chill Factorᵉ .

11/26/2019 9:27:39 AM

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