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Skiing tips for intermediates: 5 ways to improve your technique

Skiing tips for intermediates: 5 ways to improve your technique

Here at Chill Factore, we understand that not everybody that graces our slopes is going to be a complete beginner, but quite the opposite. Our tailor made Performance Coaching Sessions focus on how to become a better skier and are aimed more at advanced learners, along with confidence building before hitting the slopes on their next European skiing holiday. We at Chill Factore are dedicated to showing you how to improve your skiing technique, so read on to learn about the 5 top ways to improve your technique.

How to ski - intermediate style

Top Tip #1

It’s an intense one, but it gets the job done: our Ski Improver Day Lesson is a whole day focused on improving your ski skills, and working on making you feel less rusty. If you’re flying off to colder pastures (even colder than the UK) or just don’t have the free time required to brush up over a longer time period, then this is the perfect course for you. For 8 hours you will be shown how to perfectly master the art of your snow plough turns, balance, speed control and downhill skiing.

Top Tip #2

Got a bit more time on your hands? How about our Ski Improver 2-Day Course, which includes two 4 hour sessions (including breaks) over two whole days. This extra time will allow you to feel more at ease on the slopes and in a snowy environment, building confidence and skill simultaneously. With only 10 people in each class, you will have the opportunity to experience a hands-on, invigorating session with a highly skilled and trained instructor, to prepare you for the real thing.

Top Tip #3

If you’d prefer to space out your training and have plenty of time between each session, why not take a leap of faith onto our Ski Improver Three Week Course? This splits your sessions into three easily-digestible chunks, held at the same time and on the same day each week for your convenience, which is ideal if you don’t have the time pressure of an imminent ski trip. You will quickly notice the benefits, as it will allow you to physically and mentally get to grips with everything in your own time.

Top Tip #4

If your intention is not so much how to become a better skier (because you’re already that good) but how to sharpen up your skills, then our Ski Developer lessons could be handy for you. Our one-day and two-day Developer lessons focus on improving the abilities that you already have. Think of this as cramming for an exam - you’ve got limited time, but when the moment comes, everything you need to know will be right at the front of your mind.

Top Tip #5

If your skiing holiday is a few months away and you want to spread your tutoring out over a longer period of time, why not jump into our two-day Developer Ski Lessons or our three-week Developer Ski Lessons? We understand that perfecting your technique can be hard, and that sometimes it takes a little more time than you expect, but don’t worry - our instructors are at hand to mould your sessions into bite-size pieces. Whether you need to work on your balance, your speed, your control - our Developer Lessons are the perfect opportunity to become as good as you can be.

So, layer up and book your session in - you never know what hidden skills you might discover!

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