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Chris talks Snowboard Social

Why should you join us?

Our instructors have an immense passion for their jobs and Chris Davies is no exception. He writes below about why he helped to set up the brand new "Snowboard Social" night and why you should join him on Monday evenings! 


"My name is Chris Davies and I have worked as a Snowboard Instructor at Chill Factore since 2011, and absolutely love my job – I enjoy meeting new people and Snowboarding is my passion. Since 2011, I have taught a lot of people from all walks of life to snowboard.


When talking to my guests, I always ask them 'what’s making you want to learn to Snowboard?' Many people tell me it’s something they have always fancied doing, that they want a new hobby or that they would like to go on a winter holiday. This is where my Snowboard Social idea came from.


A lot of my guests don’t necessarily have anyone to snowboard with or know anyone else that snowboards, some have friends who snowboard but they don’t yet feel ready to go boarding with them.


This is why I have been involved in setting up the Snowboard Social.  An event which, is aimed at anyone who has learnt to Snowboard to Level 3 standard and above, and ultimately wants to meet new like minded friends who all share the same interest – Snowboarding.

I personally Snowboard for fun & enjoyment, and this is how the Snowboard Social will be run. It’s a chance to come along on a Monday evening and board with new people, ask any questions you may have, get some tips and help (although it isn't a lesson) and then afterwards socialize with your new team and discuss everything snow related.

Want to get involved? Book online here or via Chill Factore Guest Services.

I look forward to boarding with you!"

5/9/2016 2:03:32 PM

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