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Why teaching toddlers to ski is easy at Chill Factore

Why teaching toddlers to ski is easy at Chill Factore

If you’ve got a ski holiday on the horizon or you’re thinking of getting your little one into skiing early, Chill Factore has the best ski school for toddlers! As they say, “once you learn how to ski, you’ll never forget”, so why not get your child suited, booted and into their skis from a young age at Chill Factore? Read on to find out more!

Teaching toddlers to ski

We all know toddlers have bundles of energy and are fearless when it comes to trying anything new, which is why it’s the perfect opportunity to get your kids learning. It will also give them a head start on their skiing journey!

At Chill Factore, we teach toddlers to ski from as young as three years old in our Kids’ Snow School. As one of the best ski schools for toddlers around, it offers them the perfect introduction to skiing on real snow. If you have an energetic toddler and would like to get them up to speed with shuffling on skis, whilst having loads of fun on the snow, Chill Factore’s Kids’ Snow School is just the trick.

Top reasons why teaching your child to ski at Chill Factore is super-easy

Here at Chill Factore, we’ve compiled a list of our top reasons why teaching toddlers to ski is easy with us:

  1. We’ll introduce your child to the snow slowly and steadily!
  2. We kit them out, making sure they’re warm and raring to go
  3. We tailor the class to suit your child's learning ability
  4. We make it fun to keep their attention!

We’ll introduce your child to the snow slow and steadily!

When we teach toddlers to ski we specifically take easy, simple baby steps, with nothing too demanding for your child’s first exposure to the snow.

At Chill Factore, our Ski Penguin course for three-year-olds is part of our Kids’ Snow School and is tailored specifically for first-timers on the snow. Your toddler will learn the basics of skiing, including moving around on one ski and how to put their skis on and off.

We kit them out, making sure they’re warm and raring to go

Having the correct equipment and being suited and booted in kids’ ski wear is an important aspect of teaching your toddler how to ski and ensuring they’re happy and comfortable at all times. Once they’re kitted out with a helmet, skis, boots and a bib, our super-friendly and fully qualified ski instructors will teach your toddler the basics and build up their confidence out on the slope.

We tailor the class to suit your child’s individual learning ability

You don’t have to worry about whether or not your child will pick up skiing as quickly as the other kids. At Chill Factore’s Kids’ Snow School, our toddler ski lessons have been split up into age groups, so our instructors can teach toddlers to ski with a personalised approach for each individual child.

As we also use progress cards, so you can monitor your toddler’s progress. Once your toddler has mastered the basics they’ll receive a sticker in their card and will then move onto stage two. As our main aim is to ensure your child has loads of fun, our lessons make sure your child receives loads of encouragement and help along the way.

We make it fun to keep their attention

Here at Chill Factore we structure our Kids’ Snow School lessons to make it as fun and enjoyable for children of all ages. Our instructors incorporate small inflatable animals into the lessons to add that extra bit of excitement. Not only will your child be learning a brand new skill but they will also be laughing along at the same time!

Toddlers learn to ski at Chill Factore

Let’s face it, the chances of seeing snowflakes outside in the North West are getting more and more remote. So why not take your child to the one place in Manchester where toddlers can learn to ski in real, fresh snow?

If you’ve got a child who loves to play and you’d like to go on your first family ski holiday, why not give our Kids’ Snow School ago and teach your toddler to ski today!

3/3/2020 11:59:32 AM

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