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The complete Mum’s guide to adventure days out by Carol Clark

The complete Mum’s guide to adventure days out by Carol Clark

Carol Clark is a Manchester based mum who was looking for exciting new activities to enjoy with her kids. She came to Chill Factorᵉ in an attempt to keep her family of four entertained for the whole day - and hopefully to enjoy a coffee in peace for half an hour.

As a mum, it’s not always easy to entertain your kids for a whole day. Or even an hour. But that was before we discovered Chill Factorᵉ near the Trafford Centre. With so many programs, child-friendly activities and money-saving offers available to us, we were truly spoilt for choice. Even long after we were snowed-out, there were cafes, restaurants, a bar and several shops to browse. The first thing I heard when we got home was, ‘when can we go again?!’

Adventure days out for kids

The main attraction at Chill Factorᵉ has to be its indoor snow activities, and the Snow Park with its Snow School was one of the best parts for us. The classes had the most adorable names, with kids of 3 years in the Ski Penguins class for complete beginners, advancing towards Ski Mini Mooses (4-6 years) with the eldest being Snowboard Husky Dogs (7-12 years). Even when they have completed the school, they can join the super cool Chill Shred Club! And even compete in Kids Race Skills classes. My nerves were shredded at the thought but, after seeing how professional the instructors were, my mind was put at ease.

This park allowed my kids to enjoy real snow for the first time in ages, as well as pushing them to challenge themselves to try new things. We were informed that per six children, there would be one highly trained instructor supervising at all times. The best part? My husband and me could watch - but from the comfort of the restaurant with a steaming coffee.


Mini mooses welcome!

We had been worrying about one of the kids being under four years old and whether they would be excluded, but were directed straight to Mini Moose Land. It was especially magical as my youngest hadn’t seen snow before, and was able to experience sensory play while discovering different textures and temperatures.

One of the best things about Mini Moose Land was that supervising parents went in for free, and it turned out that everything from gloves, waterproof clothing and boots could be hired on-site, which meant fewer things to lug around for us!


The best kids days out need hot chocolate

We were feeling chilly after rolling around in the snow, so the frost-covered kids and I  were ecstatic to discover that Chill Factorᵉ has three restaurants (including pizza and Nandos, the ultimate after-snow treat) a Costa, Wetherspoons, sports bar and an ice cream bar.

We were already starting to see Chill Factorᵉ as one of the best kids days out in the UK, but they took it one step further when we were informed that Mini Moose Land offers frosty fun for toddlers every Friday morning between 10.30am and 12.30pm. From £8.50, we learned that the smallest of our tribe can come to play with their friends and nibble on cake, all while developing their sensory awareness in the snow.  


Party time at Chill Factorᵉ

The kids loved their adventure day out so much, they even asked whether we could hire out the Snow Park for their next birthday party! And sure enough when the big day came, they were shooting down the slopes for 45 fun-filled minutes, while a party host supervised and guided.

Furthermore, the babies were catered for thanks to Mini Moose Land, which can also be booked out for early birthdays from just £6 per child! We were delighted to always have that as an affordable option for the toddlers.  


The sky’s the limit

‘Oh no Mum, Mini Moose has whizzed up the climbing wall and can’t get down! Who will save them?!’ My kids will, that’s who! Our eldest has always been into climbing, and was elated when he discovered the Chill Factorᵉ climbing wall!

There were so many different routes to climb, some challenging, some more straightforward and some against the clock, which meant that every child’s mountain rescue fantasies could be satisfied.


So, whether you and the kids are looking for an exhilarating day of leaping around in the snow, sipping a coffee as your toddler experiences it for the first time, or just want an excuse to nip to the Trafford Centre, Chill Factorᵉ was the perfect place for our family adventure day out. We’re sure it will be the same for yours!

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