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Why Britain's biggest thrill-seekers are 10 year old kids

Why Britain's biggest thrill-seekers are 10 year old kids

What makes kids better than many adults at skiing, snowboarding and other extreme sports?

Through recent research with a top clinical psychologist, we have found that it is, in fact, in-built childhood fearlessness that makes youngsters so good at extreme sports. And it isn’t just skiing they excel at. We have identified children aged just 10-years-old as the nation’s biggest thrill-seekers.

Dr Spelman said: “Children can often be quite fearless because they don't understand the concept of fear until they reach a certain stage of their life where nature and nurture takes force.”

Most kids experience or learn about fear for the first time when they reach secondary school aged 11. So until then, remain far more fearless than older children or adults.

Children also have an egocentric view of the world and can be ignorant to the feelings of other people or the consequences that they may have to face.

Our chief executive, Morwenna Angove, said: “It is this biological idiosyncrasy that explains both why children seem to seek out thrills, without a thought for the consequences or the risks involved, but also are often brutally honest about things that adults would be far more diplomatic about – like telling someone with a big nose that they have a big nose.”

“But it also drives their excellence when it comes to sports like skiing and snowboarding. Harnessing that fearlessness is really potent when to comes to excelling on the slopes and young kids have a real handle on it.”

“We should be encouraging them to catch the skiing and snowboarding bug before that fear develops.”

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