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We tried adaptive skiing for the first time and had a blast!

We tried adaptive skiing for the first time and had a blast!

Our chosen charity, DSUK (Disability Snowsports UK), was founded in 1977 to raise the profile of adaptive snowsports and offer all guests and individuals with any disability the opportunity to participate in a new snowsport.


Myself and a few other members of the team met up with Ski School Manager, John Lawson, and were lucky enough to try it out for ourselves. Firstly, we kitted up with a jacket, salopettes, gloves and a helmet, then we were ready to hit the slopes with John. The equipment we were using was a sit-ski, which is essentially a bucket shaped seat that is attached to two skis.


John made us feel welcome, comfortable and at ease as he explained a little about the great work that DSUK does with disabled skiers and snowboarders, and also about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of taking part in the sport. DSUK also helps to promote social inclusion, builds confidence, provides mental stimulation and life-enriching experiences. 

When it comes to sit-skiing, you can be as reliant on the instructor as you wish and let them take complete control of the ski, or you can be as independent as you like and initiate the turns yourself.

Everything was explained to us really clearly, from being put into the sit-ski itself to being transferred onto and safely hooked up to the ski-lift. At the top of the slope, John took the time to explain how the sit-ski works and we agreed the level of control that he would take.


We each had two runs down the slope with John assisting the whole way and, it’s safe to say, we all had a blast! With two of us being keen and competent skiers and the third a complete beginner, it was a fun new experience for all of us involved.


Watch the video below to see it first-hand! 



For more information about DSUK, visit: or to enquire about booking a lesson, please call 0845 521 9338. 

4/25/2019 3:43:32 PM

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