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What's On - 05/10/2016

What's On - 05/10/2016

In the wonderful world of Chill Factore many different things happen every single day! Here are just a few of the most exciting things happening right this second...

 You may have heard of the tremendous amount of “New” Snow being produced at Chill Factore, but do you know exactly how much new snow we’ve made for you to play with? How does 100 Tonnes of snow sound to you? Well the exact number so far around 97,000 kilograms worth of snow, but who’s really counting? So, to celebrate, we thought we would show you what 100 Tonnes worth of snow actually looks like… or the closest thing we could find.

1 Entire Blue Whale


8 Whole Cruise Ship Anchors


12 Fully Grown Elephants


55 Small City Cars


…But, like we said, who’s counting anyway?

Other Activities

Be sure to check out all the details about the upcoming British Championships here at Chill Factore, where the best of the upcoming talent will be competing in Manchester’s most intense snow sports competition. Some of our very own sponsored riders we be taking part too, so best of luck to them. This does however mean that the slope will be reduced to half a slope on October 15th. But who cares? ITS THE BRITS!

Plus, we can now confirm the appearance of Peppa Pig here at Chill Factore! Keep those children smiling for days and introduce them to one of their favourite TV stars. For more details and information, including dates, click here. 

And don’t forget, next week’s freestyle will end with a bang! As we have a DJ and will be setting him up to blast the tunes as you hit those slopes. Plus, the Sports bar will have special offers on food and drink combos so make your way there after your session! Yes, we have taken freestyle to the next level and you would be mad to miss out.

For more information about everything that happens here at Chill Factore and some of the amazing events we have, be sure to check out the weekly what’s on pages and the events calendar in the what’s on section.  

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