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When will we be able to go skiing in the UK again?

When will we be able to go skiing in the UK again?

With our doors here at Chill Factore opening to the public this week, skiing in the UK is back. Here, we take a look at the overall outlook for skiing in 2021. Can you start planning for a winter ski vacation? Read this blog to learn more.

Like many leisure businesses in the UK, here at Chill Factore, we have seen our doors forced shut by lockdowns. Obviously, this has not been good for us as a business, but it has also presented plenty of problems for our guests. Whether it is the avid skier looking to do some skiing in the UK in preparation for their winter ski break, or families who just want their children to enjoy the artificial snow, we’ve been inundated with questions about skiing in the UK. We have also had people asking us what this means for skiing in 2021 as a whole. In this article, we try to answer a few of these questions.

When can we ski at Chill Factore?

In short, the answer is NOW!

Yes, that is right; with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown currently avoiding any slaloms, we are delighted to have opened our doors on the 12th of April. There are, of course, social distancing restrictions still in place, so our products perhaps look a little different to our standard offering. Here are the services that we are currently able to offer:

You can get more information about how we will be operating from our plan a visit page. The other thing to note is that from the 12th of April, UK travel restrictions are easing. So whether you are based locally here in Manchester or further afield, skiing in the UK is back on with Chill Factore.

What is the outlook for skiing in 2021?

Many of our fantastic customers come to our slopes to brush up their skills on the slopes in preparation for the winter skiing season. With the skiing season in 2020 all but wiped out for UK skiing fanatics, the yearning for a better outlook in 2021 has never been greater.

The truth is everything is down to how the Coronavirus pandemic plays out, so there are no guarantees but what we can do is look at which countries’ resorts have opened and are preparing to accept bookings. Of course, with the uncertainty around travel still very much in place, we would advise avid skiers to be on the lookout for some innovative UK-based alternatives that may just fill any voids caused by further issues abroad.

What can we expect from ski resorts this year?

One thing is for sure; if ski resorts across Europe do open, things will be drastically different to any other ski season you would have experienced before. Expect tighter social distancing rules, limited availability on lift passes, and reduced capacity. Basically, you need to decide two things. How much do you need a ski resort break, and are you prepared to risk everything on a trip that may not happen?

It is not just the skiing that will be different. For some, the apres-ski is as much as the dealbreaker as the active skiing side of things. Within the resorts, you can expect bars also to be hosting reduced numbers. Outside-dining may well still be in place for outdoor venues such as ski resorts.

Are any ski resorts open?

Some ski resorts in Eastern Europe appear to have opened their doors to the public again. Our advice here is to take care when considering booking these. Countries such as the Czech Republic, where you can currently book, currently have some of the highest Coronavirus rates in Europe. The place to book presently would appear to be Bulgaria, where infection rates are at the other end of the scale.

Other more mainstream locations for ski resorts such as France, Austria, and Italy are still closed. There is a ban on ski resorts in Italy because of Covid-19, which was extended until this month. However, they will be hoping that things will improve and skiing in 2021 and 2022 will thrive.

Over the coming months, we will keep you updated on the situation regarding Europe’s ski resorts. We, as much as anyone, are praying for some prolonged skiing in 2021. We have missed seeing our slopes full and cannot wait to see more people returning in the coming weeks as skiing in the UK continues to reboot. Watch out for our future updates on our blog and book your skiing lessons today.

4/16/2021 12:16:58 PM

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