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Why Chill Factore is the best place for kids to learn to ski

Why Chill Factore is the best place for kids to learn to ski

At Chill Factorᵉ, everybody’s skill level is catered for. Whether your kids have never set foot on a slope before, have tried skiing a few times or are steps away from whizzing down the ramps – we’ve got the perfect lesson for them. We pride ourselves on being the best place for kids to learn to ski due to our highly qualified instructors and extensive range of courses, equipment and clothing for hire. Come down to the Snow School and see what we mean!


Skiing for complete beginners

You may have found yourself asking: at what age can children ski? Our beginner lessons for kids are split into categories based on age: 3 years (Ski Penguins), 4-6 years (Snowboard Husky Pups of Ski Mini Mooses) and 7-12 years (Ski Polar Bears or Snowboard Husky Dogs). Ski Penguins is perfect for kids that can’t get enough of the snow, and wish it could be here all year round.

These kids skiing lessons include the very basics that every pro-skier of the future will need to know, like how to put on and remove skis, moving around and shuffling in skis and balancing. They will then be introduced to side stepping and, finally, a run down a small slope - to give them a taste of what their future skiing career will be like when they become more skilled!

A progress card will be rewarded as your little adventurer advances between stages. Stages are divided into Beginner, Improver and Advanced. Once they have mastered the art of controlling their speed and are within the correct age bracket, they will be able to join the Mini Mooses!


The slope’s the limit

Our Mini Moose course is specially designed for children ages 4-6 and is, once again, jam-packed with confidence-building lessons, tips and tricks. This package, carefully created to promote skiing for complete beginners, is divided into 3 stages with progression cards to work towards in between. Your little daredevils will experience hands-on and creative learning sessions with highly-skilled instructors.

Our instructors have it covered, so parents can have a rest and a coffee while watching their kids challenge themselves, from the comfort of the restaurant. But watch out - here come the Ski Polar Bears! Tailored to be perfectly suited to kids age 7-12, and offering more encouraging, memorable advice and top tips.

We understand that as parents, you’re very busy and may not be able to commit to a long-term course structure. Luckily, Ski Polar Bears can undertake a Fast Track two-day course, allowing them to speed through the steps at double time and achieve their goals without compromising on other commitments.


Kids skiing lessons

We get it - half-term can be madness. The constant pressure of having to plan activities to keep the little ones entertained while juggling work, child-care and the general chaos of everyday life. Fear not, we are here to save the day with our Half Term Camps!

What could be more fun and confidence-building than packing your bags to settle in every day from 10am-6pm (perfect for working parents, forget child-care blues!) for one or two days (depending on selected package and skiing level) of off-the-wall learning and excitement? We have Beginner Camps, Improver Camps - even camps for kids that know what they’re doing and just want to hit the slopes, race and make friends.

Our special After Camp Kids Club that runs from 5pm-6.30pm is the ideal place for your kids to relax, unwind and put their feet up with a hot chocolate after a long day of snowy laughs. Here, they can chat with new friends, quiz their instructors and prepare themselves for the best sleep of their lives when they get home. So, come on down for a visit that neither you or your little learners will forget - and thank us later!

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