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Take that step... Beginner to Winner!

Challenge yourself and learn something new this summer with our Beginner to Winner bundle. With great value and top-notch tuition at Chill Factore you can master skiing or snowboarding in 3 easy steps.

Available until 30th September - so book yourself in now!

For just £200, a Beginner to Winner bundle gets you:

- Beginner Day Lesson
- Improver Day Lesson
- Monthly Unlimited Lift Pass

So, let’s break this down for you...

  • Beginner Day Lesson - this will introduce you to your equipment, get you steady on your feet, and by the end of it, you will have mastered the button lift and had a few runs on the lower main slope.
  • Improver Day Lesson - this will help increase your speed and move onto the steeper terrain of the higher main slope, as well as always building confidence and developing your skills.
  • Monthly Unlimited Lift Pass - put your new skills to the test and ski as often as you like during the month of your choice.

(Added Bonus: The Day lessons usually run 10am-6pm and include lunch and refreshments too!).

Best of all, you can get all of this for £200! Booking this package is the equivalent to £34 per level plus a FREE Unlimited Lift Pass.

Minimum Age: 10+  |  Lesson Duration: 2 x 8 hrs inc breaks  |  Group size: 10 guests

This package includes: 8 hrs Beginner lesson and 8 hrs Improver lesson plus Monthly Unlimited Lift Pass

Book the Beginner to Winner Package:

Reasons to become a Beginner to Winner:

Individual Lessons usually cost up to £60 for one level, compared to just £34 per level with this offer, that's a 40% saving per level.

Beginner and Improver Day Lesson alone costs up to £140 each, whilst a Monthly Unlimited Pass costs £60, totalling £340. That’s a saving of £140!

How do I book?

  1. Pick whether you want to do Skiing or Snowboarding.
  2. Add a Beginner to Winner Package to your basket and choose when you would like your beginner lesson.
  3. Once you have been on your Beginner lesson, book your subsequent Improver Lesson at Guest Services or our Call Centre on 0161 749 2222.
  4. Book your Monthly Unlimited Lift Pass for your chosen month and test out your new skills!
  5. Enjoy your Beginner to Winner package!

Terms and Conditions:

The Beginner to Winner package is only available until 31st August 2018.

All lessons (Beginner and Improver) are to be booked and taken before 30th September 2018. Monthly Unlimited Pass to be booked and redeemed no later than October 2018.

If you fail to pass Level 3 of the Beginner lesson, you will need to purchase and re-book the Level 3 lesson before progressing onto an Improver course.