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Chill Factore – FAQs

1. What do I get if I join?
All members are given a membership card depending on which type of membership you have selected. i.e. Standard, Student or Corporate etc.

What’s so good about the card? As well as identifying you as a member, your Chill Factore bookings will be loaded to your card through the ether when you arrive, meaning you can wave goodbye to queuing for tickets and lift passes. Simply book online and your card gives you access to the snow and lifts. It’s not only Apple with the great ideas...

Members enjoy 30% off a huge range of activities including lessons, lift passes and the Snow Park as well as selected special offers.

2. How do I buy a Membership and get my card?

The easiest way to get started with Chill Factore membership is to purchase a membership online and then on your next visit head to Guest Services where we’ll print your card for you.

3. How will it work?

So you’ve taken the plunge and joined our membership scheme, you got your card…now what do you do? It’s easy. When booking online, select your activity and time as normal. When you get to the basket page, you can link yourself to the activity using the dropdown menu. Once you’ve linked yourself to the booking your membership discount will be applied and the page will update to confirm this. When you’re happy with the details here complete you’re booking as normal.  

4. How do I get a membership number?

All members are allocated a membership number which will be printed on your card and supersede any previous guest reference number.

5. What if my card won’t work in the turnstiles?

Well that wouldn’t be a good start would it? But if it does happen, head over to Guest Services for help.

6. I’m already a member. Do I need a new card?

Yes, as you’ll want the card that enables you to avoid queueing.

7. Can I book multiple visits on different dates?

Yes, of course.

8. What if I book in a friend as part of my booking but they don’t have a membership card?

That’s easy. Your friend will just need to collect their ticket on arrival at Guest Services.

9. What if I forget my card?

Head to Guest Services – what would we do without them? They’re always happy to help.

10. What if I lose my card?
You’ve guessed it... Guest Services. 

11. Can a friend use my card?

No – your card carries your photograph so that we can check only members are benefiting from the membership service. This is also means that if you lose your card, someone else can’t benefit from your membership benefits.

12. Are there different types of membership? Which is best for me?

Yes, we’re delighted to say that in addition to the Standard card there is a Student membership and a Corporate membership.

13. Can I charge my card?

The card automatically loads the activities that have been purchased as you enter the building.  You are not able to charge them with cash nor make payments with them.

14. Can I have a card if I’m not a member?

Not at the moment.

15. How do I link someone to a booking?

When booking online, log in and select the time for your activity as normal. If you’re booking for more than one person, you’ll see we’ve included a line for each person. Using the dropdown menus you can either select one of your connections.

If you’d like to add someone that isn’t already on your list of connection, click Add +. You’ll then have the option to add someone who has already been to Chill Factore or someone completely new to us.

If it’s some who’s already visited us, you’ll need their Membership Number or Guest Reference number and some other basic details. This just makes sure we connect the right person.

Once that’s done, simply complete your booking as normal and our system will load the activities to the relevant cards when you arrive.

16. Do I have to become a member?

No you don’t have to, but by doing so you’ll benefit from all sorts of lovely stuff.

17. How does my card work?

Once you’ve chosen which activity you’d like to do, when you’d like to do it and linked yourself to the activity, those details are stored in our system. Then when you arrive the activity will be loaded to your card automatically through the ether, giving you access to your activity.

18. Do I have to have a card?

If you buy membership then yes, you need to have a card in order to access your booked activities. This also means you won’t have to queue at Guest Services to collect a paper ticket.