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Kids Private Ski Lessons

Our Kids Private one to one ski lessons have been specifically designed for children aged between 4-7 years and can be arranged for any standard of skier from first time beginner to expert. Just let your instructor know what you’d like to focus on and they’ll ensure your child achieves their goal.

Our 50 minute kids beginner ski lessons are ideal for developing introductory skills in a manageable chunk of time, while our main slope lessons allow children to develop intermediate and advanced skills with options of both 50 and 1 hour and 50 minute sessions.

We often find that guests build real rapport with our friendly instructors, so if you’d like to continue learning with the same instructor, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

If your child would like to share the experience with a siblings or friend you can invite one additional child to join in the lesson.

Be aware - multiple guests with varying abilities booking a group private lesson may not get the most out of the instructor. Try to book group private sessions with people with similar ability. 



Junior Beginner Ski 50 Minute Lesson:

Age: 4-7 years  |  Activity Duration: 50 mins

Junior Main Slope Ski 50 Minute Lesson:

Age: 4-7 years  |  Activity Duration: 50 mins

Junior Main Slope Ski 1 Hour 50 Minute:

Age: 4-7 years  |  Activity Duration: 1hour 50mins


Things you need to know:

  • You must arrive dressed for the snow. We are currently unable to provide rental clothing or changing facilities. We are able to offer our disabled guests changing facilities.
  • Helmets are mandatory - you can bring your own if you have one or you can rent a borrow when you get here at no extra charge. Our rental helmets are all thoroughly sanitised between each use. You can also purchase a helmet on site.
  • Please note that it is now mandatory for guests to wear a face covering while inside the BEYOND building including Alpine Street, Changing Village and whilst participating in activities on the snow. This will be enforced.

You can find answers to many other queries on our frequently asked questions page.



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We're Good to Go!




"We're Good to Go" is Visit England's new COVID-19 standard for leisure businesses operating through coronavirus pandemic. By meeting the criteria for this new standard we have demonstrated that Chill Factore has the necessary measures in place to work safely during COVID-19 with respect to providing a safe place for our guests to visit and our team members to work.