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Ski Penguins

Kids Snow School takes place on weekends and occasional weekday evenings. It is available to all children, from absolute beginners through to those who have already found their snow feet.

The Ski Penguins lessons are for children aged 3 to 4 years and is ideal for those little ones who enjoy playing in the snow! The lessons, at this level, will give your child the head start in skiing that we all wish we’d had at that age!

Although parents and guardians are not able to join us on the snow, you can watch your little Penguins from our viewing balcony accessible via the upstairs Mont Blanc restaurant.

Ski Penguins Stage 1 

A Ski Penguin course lasts 3 weeks, though your child can continue at this level until they are ready to progress to the Mini Moose level. Each child will receive a progress card at the end of each course so you can see how they are developing their skills in the snow. The Ski Penguin sessions include the following activities:

  • Introduction to skis including putting their own skis on and taking them off
  • Shuffling around on both skis
  • Complete a set course through SnowPlay unaided
  • Sliding activities
  • Balancing activities
  • Learning to side step
  • Straight running down a small slope
  • Standing up from sitting
  • Introduction to controlling speed
  • For more information, see our handout download here

Ski Penguins Stage 2

Once your little snow star has completed Penguins Stage 1 and they're not old enough to join the Mini Mooses, they can take part in Penguins Stage 2. The Penguins Stage 2 session covers the following content:

- Side stepping up a bigger hill
- Straight running down a small slope
- Balancing exercises whilse straight running
- Gliding exercises whilst straight running
- Introduction to controlling speed 

- For more information, see our handout download here



Peak & Off Peak Times

Off-Peak: Up to 6pm, weekdays.
Peak: After 6pm weekdays, all weekends, bank holidays and selected school holidays.

Price Categories

Infant: Aged 3-4
Guests:  All visitors who aren't Chill Factore members.
Members: Chill Factore members, membership proof is required for this price category.