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Ski Fastrack

Due to popular demand, we have developed Freestyle Lessons that give everyone the opportunity to develop their skills and reach their goals. So whether you've always fancied going backwards down the slope or want to impress your friends with your new skills, the Freestyle Lessons are the place to progress.

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Freestyle > Fastrack Level 1 (Ski)

If you have completed the Introduction to Freestyle or you're already competent with flatland skills, going straight air over a small kicker and being able to 50-50 on a box, then you're ready for Freestyle Fastrack Level 1.

This session aims to develop rotational skills and will cover skills such as being able to 180 in the air (regular and switch), sliding 90 on a box and being able to perform striaght air variations on a small kicker. 

Freestyle > Fastrack Level 2 (Ski)

Once you've completed Freestyle > Fastrack Level 1 or if you can 180 on a small kicker and you're confident with sliding 90 on a box, you're ready for Freestyle > Fastrack Level 2. The aim of this session is to further develop rotational skills and it will introduce you to skills such as sliding 90 on a gas pipe, riding a rail at 90 and doing a 360 off a small kicker.

Freestyle > Fastrack Level 3 (Ski)

Once you've completed Freestyle > Fastrack Level 2 or you're confident doing 360's off a small kicker and can vary manourvres on beginner freestyle terrain, then you're set for Freestyle > Fastrack Level 3. The goal of this session is to progress onto more advanced features, taking a look at 180's off a large kicker, hitting pipes and rails side on and introduces spinning off rails and boxes.