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You've come to the right place to start your journey to become a Skier

Whether you’re a first-timer looking to get a head start before heading to the mountains or an experienced skier sharpening your skills, you’ll be in great hands with our experienced instructors.  All of our instructors hold the British Association of Snowsport Instructors Level 1 qualification or equivalent, and undergo continuing professional development at Chill Factore.    

We’ve a range of lessons on our real snow slopes and you can learn in a day, over two days, over three weeks, or at the pace which suits you best.  Whether you join one of our group lessons, or opt for a private lesson, all of your equipment hire (skis, helmet and boots) is included in your lesson price.

Ski Beginner
In this course, you will focus on balance and posture, how to control your speed, link your turns and how to use the button lift. We will be with you every step of the way, from putting on a pair of ski's for the first time to completing your first run of the beginner slope.

Ski Improver
Progressing from the lower section of the main slope to the very top. You will learn to perfect your snow plough turns, and develop the plough parallel technique whilst controlling your speed, so you can ski down the full slope confidently and consistently.

Ski Developer
You will focus on building confidence from the top of the slope and building speed so you can confidently complete parallel turns.

What Level Am I?
Are you unsure which level or lesson you require? Click here to find out more.

Specialist Ski Coaching
You have the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance existing movements, explore what we have to offer here at Chill Factore.

Lessons for children

Age is an important factor when learning to Ski, if you are looking for lessons for children, please click here

  • Juniors must be 6 years + for mixed lessons (Level 1-9)
  • Any junior under 10 years must be accompanied by a paying adult on the same lesson