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Private Ski Lessons for All Levels

If you’re planning to develop your skills on the slopes, perhaps before a ski holiday or before a ski assessment, then it may be worth spending some time with a dedicated private ski instructor at Chill Factore. Working on your skiing skills can be extremely beneficial. You’ll improve your confidence, increase your fitness and develop your parallel skiing in no time at all - which is absolutely vital if you’re about to hit the slopes on a ski holiday.

Private ski tuition at Chill Factore is structured into one-to-one sessions between you and a dedicated skiing coach. Each session sees you assigned to a fully qualified ski instructor, allowing you the full experience and insight into their expertise. These private ski lessons are  are ideal for every skillset, whether you’re new to the sport or have years’ of experience. You can also hire a range of clothing and equipment right here at Chill Factore to help you look and feel ready to go at each lesson.

Choose from the selection of private ski tuition options below to find the best one-to-one session for you.





Save 30% off Private Ski Lessons with a Membership

Save 30% off Private Ski Lessons with a Membership

By becoming part of the Chill Factorfamily you have the opportunity to save 30% on all our ski private lessons.

  • Save up to £42 on individual 50 minute Private Lessons.
  • Save up to £79.50 on individual 1 hour 50 minute Private Lessons.


If you want to ask for a private ski instructor, or need to request a one to one ski tuition, at a time that suits you, simply call us on 0161 749 2222.

Check out the full range of Chill Factore private ski lessons and group sessions for more options.