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Main Slope Privates

One to one private lessons with our instructors on the main slope are perfect for mastering your skills! A prerequisite of the Main Slope Private lessons is that you can: 

  • Use a button lift
  • Be able to control your speed and direction
  • Link your turns
  • Be comfortable with variable piste conditions

Remember if you’d like to share the experience with friends or family, for an additional charge, you can add up to three people if you're at a similar level. Just select the appropriate option from below (up to 2 people) or in the booking window above (up to a maximum of 4 people).

Already ready for the Main Slope? 

If you are more capable and can stop, turn and control your speed why not look at our Main Slope Private Lessons. Specifically designed for those who are ready for the main slope.

Minimum Age: 3 - Please ensure children are old enough to take instruction and able to engage with the lesson, if you have any questions about age restrictions please contact the team.



Specific Requirements

If you cannot find a private lesson at a time to suit you, or are unsure which private is for you, please call our sales team and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

It is advised that when booking more than one person onto a private lesson, all guests should be at the same level.

If you would like to request a particular instructor you can also do this!

Simply call 0161 749 2222 and one of our Guest Services team members will be happy to assist you.