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SubJam 2021


SubJam is back! Now in its 14th year, SubJam will hit the Chill Factore slope for a jam-packed session of explosive freestyle action to raise funds for Christie’s Hospital!


Taking place on Saturday 25th September, SubJam is 'jam' packed with activities starting from 1pm. With activities including a Babs session and BoobyTrap session and the full SubJam event from 6pm, meaning freestyle is available throughout the day. SubJam raises money for The Christie, a Manchester based charity that supports the development of cancer prevention, treatment, research and education, with up to £20 of every ticket sold being donated to this important cause – and this year hopes to raise even more than ever before!


SubJam 2021 - The Park! Show

Here's a sneak peek into the features that will be out for the event! Available from 6pm!

  • Ride On Smooth Pipe
  • Stall/Cannon
  • Big Gasser
  • Rainbow Box
  • Toilet Bowl 
  • Gap to Maverix Rail
  • Small Kicker
  • Big Kicker
  • Stairs
  • Booby Zone (area being used for BoobyTrap and BABs sessions)

Please note these features will only be available from 6pm and not accessible to recreational guests through the day.







BoobyTrap / Babs Session


1:00pm – 2:30pm - Booby Jam


3:00pm – 4:30pm - Babs Session (Girls Only)


SubJam 2021


6:00pm – 10:00pm SubJam Ticket Holders only.




BoobyTrap is 1 and a half hours of freestyle coaching on the bottom quarter of the slope! 


£15 of every ticket sold of BoobyTrap is being donated to The Christie 


The session runs 1:00pm - 2:30pm




Book your BoobyTrap Ticket here!


Babs Session (Girls Only)


The Babs sesion is 1 and a half hours of freestyle coaching on the bottom quarter of the slope, for females only!


£15 of every ticket sold of the Babs session is being donated to The Christie


This session runs 3:00pm – 4:30pm


Book Your Babs ticket here!




SubJam 2021


Subjam is the big event from 6pm! Come down for some freestyle fun!


£20 of every Subjam ticket sold is being donated to The Christie


SubJam runs from 6:00pm – 10:00pm and is for SubJam Ticket Holders only.




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September Unlimited Pass Holders


If you have bought an unlimited pass in September, you can get your SubJam pass for just £35 by adding the promo code: SUBULP in the basket.  


£35 SubJam pass for September Unlimited Pass holders - Adult
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£35 SubJam pass for September Unlimited Pass holders - Junior
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