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August 2016

August 2016

My August In A Nut Shell

This last month I haven’t entered any competitions as a result of being abroad. At the start of summer however I spent a week training out in Tignes, France with JR Ski Racing. I made many improvements on my skiing during the camp noticing a big difference in my GS especially.

What I Did On My Holiday

During my time away in Tignes we managed to do a whole lot of different activities. There was plenty of racket sports involved (tennis and badminton in particular), downhill mountain biking, water sports at the lake such as paddle boarding, going off insane slides, and jumping onto an airbag and sending someone flying off the other end and vice versa (nicknamed the blob). We also spent several hours one day white water rafting, where the whole team worked together in the raft to keep it upright and on track. Many other fitness work was also conducted such as running and work at the gym.


Stay Tuned...

Next month I plan to continue to work on my strength and fitness. I also hope to get out abroad to do some training during the October half term week, but a busy year doing A-Levels may prevent that.

I Always Try To Keep Fit, No Matter What

Due to being on holiday my training has been significantly restricted, however when possible I attended a gym to work on strength and fitness. Also towards the end of the holiday where we spent some time at various beaches, much of my time was spent swimming out in the sea and sometimes battling some fairly large waves.

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