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October 2016

October 2016

Its Been A Busy Month!

I took part in the All England Championships Gloucester ski centre – U14 All England Champion 2016 also collected the U14 trophy for winning the GBR outdoor series 2016, I won all 5 races of the series, the best bit was meeting Graham Bell. I won the U14 at the LIONS CLUB NATIONAL race at Castleford Xscape.

My Attitude Towards Diet Plans

As far as food goes, I don’t have a specific diet plan but I try to eat healthily. I think that if you want to get to the top as an athlete you have to think about what you eat.


I’m flying off to Austria on October 14th to join up with my training academy, Ambition racing.  I’ll be skiing 6 days a week and doing schooling abroad in Austria.

A Good Routine Is All You Need

Before flying out to Austria I have been following my regular routine of 2 nights a week on the dryslope at Ackers adventure in Birmingham and training indoors on Sunday

Gotta Catch Em' All!

At the All England Championship I met Graham Bell who interviewed me for Ski Sunday. My Grandma - who lives in Spain - flew back for a week to see me before I went to Austria. I’ve been enjoying hanging out with my friends and hunting for Pokemon


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