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August 2016

August 2016

So, My August So Far...

I’ve had a really busy month with skiing. I entered Castlefords first ever ‘Kids Jam’ and had a great time skiing with friends. I was one of the youngest skiers in the 10-14 age group. I was so happy and proud to be awarded 1st for the ‘Most Improved Skier’ award. The best thing about the Jam was skiing with my team friend Bradley Fry and my brother Paulie, we always have a laugh shredding.

I also travelled to Norfolk for a competition that lasted all weekend. It’s called ‘The Farmers Jam’. We camped in a field and ate loads of toasted marshmallows over a campfire, we also ran around in the dark with torches. At the comp on Saturday I entered a rail jam that was fun, then the Slopestyle comp, their kicker was a good size so I managed some really solid tricks: 360 grabs, 540 grabs, misty 540, superman front flips & some switch 1’s and 3’s.

After the comp we shredded on the slope, a couple of ski friends of mine learned their backflips at Norfolk 2yrs ago and told me it’s a good kicker to learn them on. Mum said I was ok to try when I was ready, so after some help from the older skiers I decided my time was now. I went down the slope and completely committed to it, I was so happy to land it. As the session went on I got them down to a sick laidback.

We were then called up for the awards, I was really happy to hear my name get called out for 2nd place, my brother Paulie was really happy too – he came 1st.

Next day we went back for another comp. This time it was Big Air and I really enjoyed it, I love big air. The bigger the kicker the better for me. Gives me more time in the air to do my tricks. I did all my big tricks, plus my laidback backflips, landing everything. After the comp we all skied down together and did a huge ‘train’, it was so much fun with people flipping one after the other down the slope, with everyone doing their best trick.

At the prize giving, I was stoked once again to hear my name called out, I got 2nd again. Paulie took 1st . It was a great competition, we met up with friends we have made along the way at other comps which was good.

This Is What Else I Get Up To

Apart from trampolining, I really enjoy aggressive inline skating. I have USD ones with anti rockers. I have learned to slide across rails, drop into a 16ft vert and 360 over a spine. We went to Adrenaline Alley, a huge indoor skatepark in Corby, I was so stoked to meet a pro inline skater there called Scott Quinn, he invited me to skate with him and it was great to shred with him and his friends. Everyone encouraged each other, it was so much fun.

I Have An Eye For Those Wheels!

Bryony Page, who won a silver in trampoline is my teachers daughter. It was so good to watch her, she went really high. I was amazed by how good she was. Mrs Page told us how her daughter started off with her trampolining and how she progressed, it was a dream come true for her. So good to watch and hear her telling us.  I also enjoyed watching Bradley Wiggins do the track cycling, so we decided to give it a go ourselves and booked onto the ‘Youth Track Cycling’ programme on the velodrome in Manchester, it was a really good day. Next I want to try BMX.

Just Waiting For It... 

Next month is an exciting one for snowsport, it’s the indoor Brits at Chill Factore. I entered last year and came 3rd. I hope I can podium again this year! After The Brits I am going to a ‘Sports Aid’ Jam at Stoke, it will be less formal than The Brits so will be a relaxed atmosphere.

I Have Been Trying Out My Bouncy Shoes!

I’ve been on the trampoline daily at home and have been to Flip Out trampoline park in Stoke. The coach there helped me get my back flips from a hard surface landing onto a mat. This has helped me with getting it onto the slope. I also had my first coaching session with Guillaume at Chill Factore, first time there since I broke my wrist in June. It was good fun and I am looking forward to more coaching as I need to do my Misty 540 there again, that’s the trick I did when I broke my wrist. I have been on my skates quite a bit too, I learned to drop in on a 16ft vert half pipe at Beastrampz skatepark in Manchester, quite an achievement as the first part you drop into is literally a vertical wall of about a foot. It was scary at first but then I really loved it and want to learn new tricks on there.  I like to skate, its similar to having skis on.

Just This Last Thing... 

After I broke my wrist in the English Champs in June, I had a break from skiing and visited my Dad in Melbourne, Australia for a month of the school summer hols. He lives 2 hours away from the mountains where you can ski, but we didn’t ski this time, we chilled at his house and took a trip to the Gold Coast. I took my inline skates with me and really enjoyed the skateparks there, I learned a front flip onto resi. I also learned to waterski this month at Sale Waterpark, it was quite hard to get up on the skis but when I was up it was easy. Next I want to try wakeboard and wakeskate, do some jumps and spins on the water.

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