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October 2016

October 2016

Off The Highlands!

In September I won a gold medal for my age group (U12) in the Scottish Park and Pipe indoor championships 2016 at Braehead. The best moment of this event was when I was called to the overall, female ski podium to collect a bronze medal! It’s the first time I have ever won a medal out of all of the female skiers competing.


A Standard Range Of Things...

I have been Ice skating, playing ice hockey, parkour and freerunning. I have been trampolining too at Oxygen (across the road from Chill Factore). I have been skateboarding and exploring my local area (The forest of Bowland).


It's All About The Diet

I don’t have a specific diet plan. My ski cross coach (Si Nicholson) is great at educating us as what an athlete should be eating. I love that his advice encourages me to eat as much (of the right foods) as I want!! (much to my parents distress! they say I am eating them out of house and home). I try to eat food that I (or my parents) have made from scratch. This way I know that there aren’t any harmful or unhealthy additives or ingredients. I eat a lot of vegetables, brown rice, chicken, salmon and fruit, nuts and seeds. I especially love spinach, kale and tenderstem broccoli (I call them midget trees) and my favourite fruit is a banana. They’re great to eat before and after training sessions). I try to avoid eating too much dairy. I drink almond milk and soya milk instead (although I do sometimes still have cows milk) I’m not a fussy eater (I just love interesting and healthy food) so I find it easy to eat healthily. I make sure that my diet is balanced with plenty of protein etc. I would personally, find it really difficult to stick to a rigid diet plan. The life of an athlete (especially a young athlete) is very changeable. I think a diet plan would be impossible to stick to, for me.

Skiing Ever Week!

My weekly training schedule is I go to the gym on a Monday for strength & conditioning (1 hour session with a personal trainer) then I go to Blackburn Ice arena to skate for a few hours with my older sister. On Tuesdays I have an ice skating lesson for half an hour then skate for an hour or so after that with my sister and brother (they are into figure skating while I practise ice hockey training). Wednesday I ice skate for an hour then have a short break before Ice hockey practise for an hour.


 Thursday afternoons I swim and Thursday nights I either freeski for 2 hours, skier cross training for 2 hours with my team CSTC (Cross Snowsports) or trampoline or attend crossfit (also with team cstc) I am usually forced to take Friday nights off to rest!! (unless the Chil Factore freestyle park is out). Saturday I am skiing every week (slopestyle skiing) and Sunday mornings I am at ski race training and then freestyle skiing on Sunday evenings. I have also attended a couple of Snowsports England Park & Pipe training sessions at Halifax ski slope.

Pearly Whites

This month has been a fairly standard month. The first few months of the new school year, are usually spent getting back into the routine of school, training and being a kid. I did look around a possible secondary school for next year. This was really exciting. I can’t wait to move up to big school. I was also really pleased to have my gum shield made by ‘My Dentist’. It was cool having the impressions taken. They let me keep the plaster cast model of my teeth too!


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