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August 2016

August 2016

Its Been A Busy August!

This month I entered a couple of competitions. The first one was a Kids Jam at Castleford, I was in the 10- 14 age category and I came 3rd. I had lots of fun skiing with friends and I was really happy with my result.

The next competition I entered was called The Farmers Jam in Norfolk. We drove over 4hrs to get there and camped in a field down the road from the slope with lots of friends who were also in the comp. Friday was a practise, then Saturday we did a rail jam where I won a beanie and a cap. After the jam I competed in the Slopestyle event, the kicker was a good size and I landed lots of good tricks – 360 grabs, 540 grabs, 720, superman front flip and misty 540’s.

After the competition ended we all played on the slope, freestyle skiing friends of ours (Justin Taylor-Tipton and Harry Shaw) had been telling us that the ski slope at Norfolk is a great place to do your first backflip, they both did their first ones there 2yrs ago, after daring each other. Fynnlay and I have been practising for ages on the trampoline and lately onto a mat, we really wanted to do one on our skis too. Then out of no-where I looked up the slope and saw Fynnlay do one! It was amazing! So I put my skis on, went up the slope and just did it too. No way was I having my brother doing one and not me haha. Mum kept telling us we could do one and we would do it when we are ready, we were both ready and it was ace.  Huge achievement.

Afterwards there was a fun ‘Pond Skimming’ event on, where you ski down the slope and over a pond of water, it was so funny. I did a switch 180 into it and was absolutely soaked.

Later on that night the results were called and I came 1st  in the under 12 category, I was so happy! My twin Fynnlay came 2nd, but he skied so well it must only have been a point between us.

We celebrated around our campfire, eating marshmallows and hanging out with friends. My boots were soggy from pond skimming so we dried them out around the fire.

The next day was the ‘Big Air’ comp, I loved it. I did all my big tricks really well and also did my newly learned backflips. I really laid them out. After the comp we did a train with lots of other skiers, I did a backflip when it was my turn. It was the biggest train of skiers I have ever done, I think there were about 14 of us.

After we got called up for the results. I was absolutely stoked to find out I had won 1st again, 2 days in a row for me. Amazing weekend with friends, camping and killing it on the slopes, will defo do that comp again next year.


Yeah! Front Flips!

When I’m not skiing, you can find me at a skatepark on my aggressive inline skates, skateboard or on a trampoline. My skates are really good, they’re USD ones and have anti rockers. I’m learning to grind rails and ledges on them. I have also learned to do front flips into a resi on them and one huge achievement was to sit and roll in on a 16ft vert ramp at Beast Rampz in Manchester! It was really scary but I’ve been working towards it for a while, dropping in on smaller ones first to get confidence. My skateboard is a really good setup, it’s a PlanB deck with Grizzly Griptape, it has lots of ‘pop’ and is a good size for me. On the trampoline I have been practising my front flips, back flips, misty’s and corks, trying to bring grabs into them. I have also learned to waterski, it was lots of fun and very different from what I normally do. I’d like to learn how to wakeboard and wakeskate next.

Making Way From Skis To Wheels

I enjoyed watching Bradley Wiggins and Jason Kenny doing the track cycling, I wanted to have a go around a velodrome myself. So we booked on to the ‘Youth Track Cycling Programme’ at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester. It was a great experience. We were given a track bike and helmet, then two instructors taught us how to ride the velodrome. The track bikes don’t have brakes so you have to learn how to slow down to stop. My PB was 29.47 seconds which was fast for my first go. Next I want to try their BMX track, its huge.

For Added Coolness And Control

To have good control of my skiing, I needed to tighten up the top of my boots so I bought a ‘Booster Strap’. It works well, I’m happy with it and feel my control has improved.

Its The BRITS!

In October I am entering ‘The Brits’ indoor comp at Chill Factore and also have a charity jam I’m going to at Stoke for Sports Aid. The Brits will be formal and the Jam is really relaxed, I like doing both and I’m looking forward to them.



Skating With The Pro's

My training this month has been ski sessions at Stoke and coaching with Chill Factore coach Guillaume on the freestyle night. I have also been to Flip Out trampoline park in Stoke for a session where the coach taught me to back flip from hard ground to a mat. I had a solid 4hr session at Adrenaline Alley in Corby too, it’s a great indoor skatepark and I skated on my inline skates with a pro skater called Scott Quinn, it was fun to shred with a pro and his friends.

Home Down Under

During the school holidays I went on holiday to Melbourne, Australia for 4 weeks. I was born there and my Dad still lives there, so we went on a trip to see him and family. Its winter in Aus now and he lives just a couple of hours away from the mountains where you can ski.  We didn’t ski this time, but I took my skates so we had a shred in their skate parks which was fun. We also went to the Gold Coast for a beach break, we went to wet’n wild and Movie World. After a month there, we came home and it’s been non-stop with skiing, skating and trampolining. I’m looking forward to skiing lots over the winter season.

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