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Skiing Leg Exercises

As you might imagine, the legs play a rather important role in skiing. They coordinate with your core muscles during turns, implement twists and essentially act as your ‘wheels’ while you’re on the slopes. Therefore, when learning to ski, exercises for legs can prove useful. After all, you wouldn’t go out on the road with a broken wheel, would you?

With this in mind, Chill Factore has compiled a list of ski exercises for legs which could prove invaluable to your foray onto the slopes:


Stretching is the root of a number of brilliant ski exercises for legs. They can ward off cramp and help strengthen your legs, making it much easier to turn on the slopes without injury.

Walking And Running

As simple as it sounds, walking and running provides top ski exercises for legs. In addition to strengthening the legs, both walking and running also help improve cardio, subsequently increasing endurance.


Your legs essentially act as your pistons while skiing on the slopes, just as they act like pistons during cycling. Be sure to employ ski exercises for legs as a result, and you’ll see similar improvements in your skiing.

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