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Pre-Skiing Exercises

All sports require a degree of warming up and preparation beforehand. Stretching, light jogging and brisk walking can have an effect when it comes to warding off cramp and other unwanted sports side effects. Skiing is no different, so it’s important to know your pre-skiing exercises in order to ensure you don’t suffer any bad after-effects in the aftermath of your session.

To help, Chill Factore presents a selection of ski preparation exercises designed to improve your condition on the slope.


The importance of stretching as part of a ski preparation exercises routine is undeniable. It’s a great way to lumber up before taking to the slopes, and helps keep injuries such as cramp at bay. Stretch before every routine – you’ll soon notice if you don’t!

Cardiovascular Activities

Cardiovascular activities as pre-ski exercises provide an easy method of warming up, and also helps improve general fitness. A quick bit of aerobics or a jog before heading to the slope can really help with your session.


A non-too-taxing yoga session used as ski preparation exercises helps tone the muscles and get them ready for skiing. Find the right programme for you – something that’s quick and easy to perform – and you’ll soon notice the difference it makes.

Ready To Grab Your Skis?

If you’re interested in finding out more about skiing, we offer beginner’s ski lessons, which will feature guided tuition from our expert instructors.