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Name: Charlie Arthur Muston

Discipline: Visually Impaired Alpine Skiing

Age: 15 years old. 

Best result: 2nd at the British Championships

Ranking: I have not been classified yet but anticipate that it will be done this year at Landgraaf.


About the Athlete: 

My name is Charlie Muston and I am 15 years old. I learned to ski when I was 9 at Chill Factore and have been in race club since I was 10. I am passionate about skiing and want to be the best I can be. I am visually impaired but can function well indoors at Chill Factore as I know the slope well and take care to inspect the slalom course so that I can anticipate the turns.


My Inspiration: 

I have been inspired by Dave Ryding, Laurie Taylor and Menna Fitzpatrick as watching them ski leaves me in awe.


My goal:

My goal is to gain more experience with a guide and racing on the mountain. My long term goal is to represent Great Britain in the Paralympics for V.I. alpine skiing.