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Name: Lewis Parton

Discipline: Alpine Ski Racing.

Age: 11 years old. 

Best result: British Indoor Champion 2018 – U12’s

Ranking: GB Ranking Indoor : U12’s – No. 2 and GB Ranking Outdoor : U12’s – No. 1.


About the Athlete: 

My biggest passion in life is skiing and ski racing. I love the adrenalin rush I get from it, the speed and exhilaration and I love to race. I am learning to play the guitar. I have just passed my Grade 3 Rock School Electric Guitar exam, and am excited to work towards my next grading and new pieces of music to learn. I play football for a local team and am a keen defender! I fit training and football matches in & around my skiing racing and training and am enjoying taking part in a team sport.

My Inspiration:

Dave Ryding continues to be a huge inspiration to me. Having my photo taken with Dave Ryding at the GBR races at Manchester last year was awesome. I still have two of his signed posters on my bedroom wall, next to a picture of me in a Chamois race in Tignes in 2016.

My goal: 

hope that my hard work and dedication to training will put me in a strong position to achieve my longer term goal of a good podium results in all races at the English Alpine Championships and other alpine races.