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How to Snowboard

Snowboarding – the most fun you can have on snow with one plank of wood. Well, okay not strictly speaking a plank of wood, but the core of the board is wood encased within polyethylene and there’s also some fibre glass and metal in there too. But whatever they are made from they are most definitely exhilarating and a whole heap of fun.

No doubt you’ve seen videos of snowboarders jumping and riding the half pipe, watched as they’ve raced down the slopes or seen them out in the powder jumping off rocks. Do you want to know a secret? It feels ten times more exciting than it looks – and it looks pretty awesome, let’s face it.

But before you can get to the thrills of jumps and tricks, you need to learn the basics. Which is where our expert team of staff come in: they can help get you kitted out, give you clothes to wear, a helmet to protect your head and board and boots. They will measure you up for the right size board, show you how to use the bindings and then get you out on the snow.

They can take you through the basics, teach you to ride, turn and carve on your board and then take it up to the next level teaching you dynamic riding, tricks, jumps and just how much fun snowboards can be.

We have an awesome snowboard fun taster session for absolute beginners; it lasts 50 minutes and gets you over that first hurdle of how to fit the board to your feet, balance, move around with the board and get a real feel for the snowboard and how it moves on the snow.  These sessions are ideal for people that have never snowboarded before and will give you a great starting point to jump into beginner lessons.

Looking for more skiing tips and tricks? Take a look at our skiing, snowboarding and freestyle tips. Plus get ideas on easy exercises you can follow on your skis or board. 

Beginner Lessons

Our snowboard beginner lessons will teach you the fundamentals of snowboarding, taking you from nervous novice to being cool and confident on your board. You’ll learn how to make toe edge and heel edge turns, link your turns, stop, ride the travelator and feel at home on your board. Our instructors love taking newbie boarders and moulding them into decent riders, they’ve worked with learners of all ages and they’ll soon have you up on your feet and enjoying the thrill of snowboarding.

After your beginner lessons, if you feel you still need some more help before you’re ready to tackle that main slope you can carry on having private lessons on the beginner slope. Ready to move on to the next stage? Got those toe and heel edge turns down on the beginner slope and ready to hit the main slope? Then our improver sessions are for you.

Improver Lessons

Once you are ready to hit the main slope our Improver lessons will help you master the button lift and really iron out those linking turns. They will allow you to build up your speed and basic skills so that you have a solid base to jump to the next level: our snowboard development lessons.

Development Lessons

The snowboard development lessons will have you riding faster, smoother and working on those illusive carving turns. We will help you feel more confident and comfortable in your riding and start teaching you some tricks and jumps like ollies and 180s. In the hands of our expert instructors you’ll be ready to hit those mountains and show off your awesome moves in no time.

Before you know it you’ll be taking one of our snowboard pre-instructor training courses and getting some freestyle snowboard lessons in. 

What Level Am I?

If you are not sure what level you are at with your snowboarding and which lesson group to join, you can take our What Level Am I? Class where the instructor will put you through your paces on the beginner slope and let you know which group you need to be in to improve.

Whatever stage you are at, here at Chill Factore we have a team of expert instructors that can help you improve and impress your mates out on the slopes.

With so much to learn and plenty of fun to be had, what are you waiting for? Come down to Chill Factore and lets get boarding!