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Snowtek 2018

Chill Factore has teamed up with Snow+Rock and sports engineers to celebrate science in the ‘coolest’ way with Snowfest. Showcasing everything from the physics of flips to the latest advances in body armour, and auxetic materials, as well as insights into how snow gear is tested in the lab, Snowtek has it all. The whole thing takes place during Chill Factore’s Boobytrap Freestyle Event where ski and snowboard enthusiasts can see Manchester’s finest freestyle fanatics take on the slope or even get involved themselves.

We will be hosting a number of stands and demos both off the snow and on the snow to delight guests and demonstrate the latest scientific advances in snow sports. Some of the demos and showcases will require you to be a competent skier or snowboarder to take part. But don’t worry if you you’ve never skied before, there is plenty of interesting things to discover at Snowtek.

  • Clothing Design competition
  •  Zoo Lab Animal Vivarium (Yes real animals)
  •  Snow and rock 3D foot scanner
  •  Gortek Hand Experiment
  • MMU Fashion Department- fabrics for winterwear
  •  MMU Science Department- Snow safety equipment
  •  DSUK Adaptive equipment
  •  Avalanche bag Demonstration
  • How We Make Snow- Chill Factore stand
  • Subvert Demo Tent
  • Snow and Rock
  • Rossignol
  • Boobytrap Freestyle Park

This event is taking place on Sunday 21st October 2018 from 6pm - 10pm. Save the date!






In partnership with -

Manchester Science Festival.





In collaboration with -

Manchester Metropolitan University.