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Magical Mini Moose Land Make-over

Come play with Mini Moose!

Many years ago, there was a Moose, a very lonely Moose who just wanted to find some friends in a place he could call home. Mini Moose was his name. He had travelled far and wide in search for the perfect location to settle down in and build up some life-long friendships. 

After a while, he stumbled across the magical snow world of Chill Factore and immediately fell in love with the real snow land.

Although he had seen the building on the Manchester skyline before, he had never taken a look inside. One day, he decided to take the plunge and investigate.

To his amazement, inside was a host of friendly welcoming animals that immediately made Mini Moose feel relaxed and happy.

This story has a happy ending, Mini Moose had found the perfect place to explore and play with his new friends.

New for October 2017

A brand new hide and seek activity is now available for you and your little ones to get stuck into! Find Mini Moose's ten friends that are hidden around the play area and say hello to all of Mini Moose's new friends!


10/12/2017 10:32:43 AM

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