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5 ways to bring the family together virtually this Christmas

If there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s that family is precious. Christmas is traditionally a time to get together and celebrate with our loved ones and even though we might have to do that from separate lockdown bubbles, the wonders of technology mean that Christmas 2020 can still be a time of unbridled joy and happiness. Especially if you try out these five ideas for bringing the family together virtually this Christmas!

Okay, Christmas 2020 is going to be… unconventional, shall we say?! But it’s far from cancelled. Whether you’re a FaceTime fanatic, Zoom zealot or Skype superstar, we’ll hazard a guess you know your way around a video call by now. Which means you’re more than qualified to get creative with technology to share the magic of Christmas. Plus, no one can overstay their welcome this year – silver linings and all that!

So grab your most heinous Christmas jumper, stick Mariah on loop, and put another log on the fire as we give you five wholesome ways to bring the whole family together virtually this Christmas.

1. Speak to Santa

No Christmas countdown would be complete without a visit to Santa’s grotto. You still can from the comfort and safety of your own home with Chill Factore’s Santa Claus Calls experience. From 6 December through to Christmas Eve, you can bring the family together for a magical multi-screen get-together with the Big Man himself to talk wish-lists, take the Naughty-Nice’ometer challenge, and catch a glimpse of Rudolph!

2. Christmas Crafting

A great way to keep little kids and big kids at heart entertained for hours is with some good old-fashioned Christmas crafting. There are loads of different activities to choose from and if you’re a competitive bunch, why not turn it into a friendly competition for a little extra yuletide spice? You could organise a virtual wreath making contest, a ginger bread house making competition, or a bauble decorating masterclass!

3. Talent Show

With fewer bodies round the dinner table to entertain the kids, chances are they’re going to have plenty of extra energy to burn off this Christmas. What better way to help them work off their turkey and all that ‘youthful exuberance’ than with a talent contest? Not only will they love their five minutes of fame to show off, but several weeks of practicing and preparing before the big day will keep them occupied too. Win-win!

4. Party Games

Just because you’re not all in the same room together doesn’t mean you can’t crack out some socially distanced party games. What about some Christmas-themed charades or Pictionary? Or a full-on scavenger hunt for the kids in the family to search out items around the house, which they can tick off from a list that you’ve shared with everyone in advance. The fastest ones to find everything win a festive prize!

5. Story Telling

When you’re ready to dial down the rowdiness, why not fill that post-dinner slump with a round of story telling? You could ask family members to choose their favourite children’s Christmas books and invite them to take turns reading them aloud to the little ones in your tribe. This could also be a great way to wind down Christmas 2020 for the kids to help them relax and get ready for bed after a day of excitement!

For Santa Claus Calls bookings and general enquiries our helpful team is always on hand to help at

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